Why Not?

What a magical and empowering message to say “bye-bye” to a rather transformational and challenging year !
Welcome 2015 ! Bring on the Joy and Giggles ❤
Feel it, it's already in the air !
Feel it and make it YOURS ❤

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s December 28, 2014  free, 15-minute, channeled “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  Much happened energetically the past few days – including revisiting 3D feelings and actions to test returning to that part of your totality. Most of you exiting your cocoon have cleared your butterfly wings and are now like young adults wanting to flit between worlds, skills and all that new you represents. Those few who received concise messages about your role the past few days won’t be flitting about, but instead beginning a new role.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her free, weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com: “Are You Gifting Everyone But You” 

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps your holiday festivities created situations you did not anticipate or appreciate including fear and joy…

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Please Keep The Prayers And Thoughts Coming

Prayers needed for Amy and all the people affected by the deep snow.
Floods are expected, as over 90 inches might just melt too fast.
Sending Love and Light to Pinkrose and all affected there ❤

Heaven On Earth

image[This picture was taken from my eating room window, from the sill itself to try to express to you how deep this snow is. This photo really does not convey the huge amount of snow you are looking at that stands well over the sill of my window.]


Dearest Friends …. To even try to put into words how deeply touched I am by all your concern, prayers, thoughts, Love, and Light, is not possible. We are living through one of the greatest disasters known to WNY and Lancaster, NY. At times it is terrifying, gut wrenching fear wanting to just take over. That I will not allow to happen.

I am feeling very tired this day, my face pale, my stomach hurting, bouts of dizziness coming and going, and all I want to do is to lay down and sleep. I am not able to do this. My…

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The Volcanoes are Awakening

Hello Loved ones 🙂
This morning I felt an urge to read this post again.
So, on the last day of January 2014, I had my a-ha moment with Volcanoes. Inner and outer. Now I realize how many “volcanoes” are erupting all over the planet !
Ukraine turned very volcanic soon after I wrote this. Then more social unrest in many places. The Bundy ranch issue, and them resisting. Gaza, once again, but this time a real eye opener for many, and stirring waves of pro-Peace reactions globally !
You see, I live right next door to Ukraine, in Romania. So it really feels very close. And to top it all, I was in Israel when this war started.
All these events are deeply connected. They are awakening calls for many. As some plunge straight into the pure drama, others choose to react, see, understand, and DO something. It’s triggering the biggest wave of Pro-Peace activism I have seen in ages 🙂
The the Ferguson issue. National protests. It’s an on-going domino effect here. Inner volcanoes have indeed awakened ! And are spreading wisdom like brushfire !
Iceland has given the world an example of quiet total revolution a few years back. No one paid real attention, yet they simply “got out of the system” 🙂 Google it, mainstream is very hush hush 😉
Now, it just might attract some attention by releasing a powerful volcanic eruption !
To follow 🙂

Lighthouse of Love and Joy


Our biggest topic seems to be related to The Event, or at least to some tangible form of event that would prove to all of us, and beyond doubt, that what we are feeling and doing, is right. That Spirituality, as we have come closer and closer to Truth, is validated by an event of sorts. For all to see.

I do not doubt that an Event will happen, that one day -hopefully in the near future- we will feel and SEE something magnificent and lifechanging. That will trigger million of awakenings on this beautiful blue dot, Terra.

 What came to me on this freezing cold morning is something else. It is a profund dot-connecting realization that what we all call The Event has actually started unfolding.

That a lot of the expectations we have about what will happen on that day, and moreover from that day onward…

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Honoring the Teams

     Dear friends,  I just had news from Susan, and one of her guides (Sirian) just passed away from wounds taken during a bad battle with reptilians (the battle was a month ago).

Her name was Med.  

I know this may sound strange, or even shocking to many. But a lot of the teams are composed of “flesh and blood” Sirians, Plaeiadians, Lyrans … The Light Beings have their tasks, the teams too. They are medical, or logistics, just like we are on Earth. And they can be wounded, and they too can pass away. The road to freedom and Light can be hard on them, just as it is hard on us. 

As you might have read, they have been very busy cleaning up and deporting the reptilians from our planet. And they will not go away without fighting. For us it means bouts of feeling “down”, or even body aches (headaches, irritations), for the teams it means real physical fight. 

What I am asking here is to please remember to send Love and Gratitude to all the teams doing the job up there !  In your quiet moments, or meditations, or prayers, please send them your Love.  

We are all One, we are all on the final stretch to freedom from the “dark”. Things are moving so much faster now. We are going to be more and more busy, as we enter new stages of development.  And we do know that we are never alone. We are Loved, Cared for and always Protected by the Creator, but also in a very physical way by the teams.

Let us honor them today, let us honor Med. Let us not forget that they too suffer with us, and for us. 

With Loving Gratitude,


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Joy ! Things are clearing up :)

I love the paragraph about our pets.  Yes mine (a cat tribe) have been affected too. And I gladly report that today they are very playful and loving.  The air itself is lighter, tangibly 🙂  I feel giddy 😀

A good thing would me (just my 2 cents here) not to be attached to HOW we feel these days. Yes, things can still can be on the roller-coaster side of life, so let’s positively ENJOY the moments of giddiness and such.  

A big batch of Bubbles of Joy to everyone ! With Love




Good Morning Friends and Shabbat Shalom from Israel,
This photo is from the team – well at least Jesse’s team.  (He’s the little blond one right in the middle.)  One of the perks of being “connected,” is the ability to understand animals.  I can’t actually channel them like I do my Federation friends but I can clearly understand their thoughts.  You will be able to read more about this in my upcoming site in the sections about “The Advantages of Being a Galactic-Human” and “Communication with Animals” by my friend and fellow Light Worker, Tamir.  Thanks, by the way Tamir for sending this photo!  Our animal companions feel the energies just like we do.  When there is a calmness in the air, they are their usual selves.  When they sense tension, they react likewise and may be whiny or clingy.  They often patrol at night, not seemingly able to settle in.  All of this is normal.  Listen to what they have to say.  Much of the time, they want us to lighten up.  If I could sum up Jesse’s philosophy in life, it would be:  “Drop everything and go to the park to have fun!”
Another reason for selecting this picture today is a reminder about connecting with others.  Human beings were not meant to be alone.  We are social and need to be in the physical company of others.  It is true that we are spiritual beings in human bodies.  We require down time during the day and while we are sleeping at night when we are in a state of peace and quiet.   This does not mean that we need to cut ourselves off and meditate all day.  Our guides wish to remind us:
“Balance is the key.  We know you are working very hard.  We love you and appreciate your efforts.  Because many of you are so tired, we would like to ask you to take breaks throughout the day.  Reset, rest, go outdoors, have something to eat or drink. Be with your loved ones!  Devote some time to your interests.”
I asked the Sirians about how so many of us are finding each other lately:
“The Universe is wise.  You are meeting and will meet those of a similar energetic level or vibration.  You will reconnect with friends from the past.  Many are still unaware of this but it is a universal rule:  Like Attracts Like.  We are very happy to learn that some of you are starting to work in teams.  It may surprise you that we also work together as well as individually.  Sometimes our teams have 3 members and other times, we work in larger groups.  We rotate our sleeping so some of us can rest while others are on duty.  We work with fellow Sirians and those of other planets depending on the project.  As Earth becomes rehabilitated, humans will work together – sometimes with our assistance and sometimes not.  You will learn how to put your differences aside and work for the good of all.”
Last night, the Sirians asked me to keep our meeting short as there is much going on and there is still static on the lines.  They asked me to relay this message:
“We understand that many of you are tired and are not feeling well.  The most common symptoms are dizziness, ear discomfort and fatigue.  Last week there were frequent ups and downs in the energy.  One minute you may have felt great and the next as if you hardly had any strength to complete daily tasks.  This is due to your bodies, especially your neurological systems responding to very intensive work going on and around planet Earth.  The negative energies are in the process of being cleared.  It is not over yet but we are making progress and much has already been accomplished.   While we are doing the work, we ask you to focus on the amazing things which await you and many of them will be tangible.  Just like you, we are happily anticipating the day when these lingering energies will dissipate (and they will!)   You will benefit from a large jump in technology.  There will be wonderful surprises when you learn what is in store.  We always remind you that you are protected, cared for and loved.  We expect you will start to feel better shortly.”
Thanks to those who write me!  I love comments and feedback.  Although there are a few things to finish up on the site, you can get in and take a preview at:  Sandusan.Com
Until next time,
Salamat Kasi Da – In Loving Service,
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Spiritual Guidance: Disseminating the ‘Sacred Texts’

Resonating very much. Wes does a wonderful work, and this message is pure, and ring deeply true.
Have a wonderful day, remember to breathe 🙂
With Love, and many many Bubbles of Joy !

Openhearted Rebellion

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

As our scribe has been wondering, it’s indeed true that the channeled material of your day will be instrumental in helping humanity understand spirit. The messages we bring through aren’t always given the most positive attention, but in time, your entire planet will be able to understand the help we seek to offer through the willing scribes we speak through.

Channels for our energy are growing every day, and we encourage all of you to open up to the guidance your higher self is providing you daily.

In every moment, your higher self and guides graciously await you to pick up on their energies and impressions, and we very much enjoy being able to connect with willing hosts and bring through the teachings we intend for humanity to fully understand.

Allow yourselves to surrender to the flow of divine love you’re being given…

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Spring Fairy coming :)

  Great news from Susan.  Yesterday I, as well as many friends, felt nagging headaches and other various aches.  This is all clearing, and it starts today. 
Dear Friends,
I am often asked how and from where  I get my information.  About 90% is channeled directly from my guides from the Galactic Federation of Light.  The other 10% are subliminal messages or “thoughts” which I receive from “somewhere up there.”  This happens mostly when I get an idea “all of the sudden” or if I can’t decide what subject to address for an update.
Early this morning, an image popped into my mind of a fairy.  Because I am very grounded and information based, I wondered why.  I then received the answer that there are many levels of consciousness currently on planet Earth.  When we were children, we delighted in believing that the coins placed under our pillows in return for our baby teeth were presents from the tooth fairy.  As we matured into later childhood, we slowly realized who those “night time fairies” were but enjoyed playing along anyway.  Sooner or later, we confronted mom and dad and we were weaned off the game.
When humans awaken, some are in the early childhood stage.  They aren’t ready to believe that anything exists outside of their safe area.  Others are more mature and curious.  They dip their toes in the water and ask questions.  Who are our neighbors?  Why are they helping us?  What is happening around the planet?   Many have reached the “teenaged” stage – ready to show some independence and even some rebellion.  A select few have graduated into adulthood.
Last week, when working on my Internet site, the LB’s asked me to provide the message to “go easy.”   Too much information, too quickly for those who are sleepy can cause overload.  Some will need to hang onto their “tooth fairies” a little longer.  In our soul contracts, each Light worker agrees to “terms.”  Some don’t want to know much and others want to know everything.  There is no right and no wrong.  It is important that readers find the messages that resonate with them.  Always trust your gut and your heart.
Today is the first official day of spring for the northern hemisphere.  The word often used is equinox.   According to the Byonians (6th dimensionals who are responsible for our safety and security):
“There will be large amounts of Light energy coming into Earth.  If you feel slightly high or “drunk,” it is not your imagination.  This is simply another shift into higher consciousness and another “notch on the ladder” to ascension (Light awareness.)   The negative entities who were responsible for last week’s “incident” were given eviction orders to leave Earth air space.  This is good news. All is well.  You should feel a shift and gradual lessening of the unpleasant symptoms, especially headaches.”
Always know that we are never alone.  We are loved more than can ever be imagined.  Rest, enjoy some fresh air and please send gratitude to our GFOL teams who have been working day and night to ensure peace on our lovely blue planet.
Salamat Kasi Da – In Loving Service,
By briannapurejoy

Update March 18th

    Adding my grain of … salt 🙂  By the way, Himalayan Salt is great too. I always have a chunk handy. Helps clear negative energies, and works wonders when wet on “itchy” spots (rashes, blemishes).
Holiday times are always a perfect moment to raise energies, so yeee, Equinox coming in 2 days.  Imagine all the people involved in feeling Love at the same time, add some Light and Galactic help to the mix, and you have a vibrational increase of much beauty 🙂 
Simple as that ! 
Have a beautiful Blessed and Love filled day ! 
Bubbles of Joy !
Now, here is Susan’s update :
Update from the Galactic Federation of Light
Dear Friends, 
Spring is here – at least in this part of the world.  Although I personally love cold temperatures and winter, most people feel a sense of relief and renewal when March approaches.  It is a time to walk outside, get some fresh air after the rains and be in awe of the beautiful wild flowers at the height of bloom.   As I removed a few ticks from Jesse after a long hike, it reminded me that spring does have some side effects as well.  Does sneezing from the pollen or removing ticks from our pets stop us from getting out?  No.  Those of us who live in Israel know that cleaning house is “like shoveling shit against the tide” as my mother says.  You dust and then more comes in.  But just like our tick remedies are now more efficient and double glazed windows help insulate the dirt, the annoyances we are experiencing in “The Ascension Project” are actually – and maybe even as a surprise to you – are getting better.   When we’ve had a hard week with intense energies, we are quick to assume that we have aren’t getting anywhere or worse – that we have gone backwards.  This is definitely not true.  Should we “quit” because of the balagan (mess) when we are almost there?  No.
As I’ve mentioned before, Earth is in the process of great change.  Why is it taking so long?  It is similar to what happened when the new airport was built near Tel Aviv.  It was supposed to have been completed in the year 2000.  There were some unexpected delays and the plans had to be modified to ensure passenger safety.  The citizens were mighty impatient.  Did the airport open?  Yes and it constantly receives excellent international reviews for comfort. 
In this unbelievably large and complex project of returning the planet to its healthy and peaceful state, there have been bumps in the road.  The major ones have been a stubborn resistance by some of the population to accept change and frequent interruptions by both negative humans and their negative entity backers.  The Federation has to stop, take care of an incident and proceed.  The good news is that both of these groups are rapidly running out of steam.  Think about the days of terrorism in the early 2000’s.  Are there still problems with stragglers here and there?  Yes, but it is nothing like it was.  The funding, backing and “fuel” for the negatives is running out.  They know that.  They sometimes try in their desperation to hang on but it isn’t succeeding and will not derail the peace process. 
The L.B.’S – our beloved guides of the Light are with us.  These guides are exceptionally kind, patient, healing and are especially good at understanding human psychology.  When our other guides are “up” or attending to other tasks, the L.B’s step in: 
This is what they have to say:
“The very good news is that there is a definite positive shift in human consciousness.  Things areprogressing.  It is true that some good energies will enter Earth during the spring equinox (the end of this week.)  We would like to reassure you that the unpleasant energies many of you feel is the residue from last week’s incident.  This negative energy is not dangerous to you.  We understand that you still feel unease.  You will not have to live with these physical and emotional symptoms forever.  No.
This is temporary.  You will be able to live in peace.  Our security teams are working to rid the earth of these energies and you will feel relief in the near future. 
We would also like to say that there will be some solid evidence and surprisingly good news shortly regarding dimensions.  Stay tuned. 
The spring festivals of Purim, color festival in India, Mardis Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and so on are wonderful opportunities to lift the vibrational/energetic level of Earth and they do help! 
You are protected and loved – always.” 
Some suggestions for the next few days:
Homeopathic mancinella 30C.  This is the best remedy for coping with unpleasant energies.  It is not a common remedy and can be bought at Bar-Ilan Pharmacy in Raanana (Israel,)  Those of you who are abroad can always order it through Helios or ABC Homeopathy. 
If not, Bach Rescue on the chakras is helpful.  Baths in sea salt or Dead Sea salt is helpful.  Drink a lot of water and rest. 
Salamat Kasi Da,
In Loving Service,
By briannapurejoy

Clearings not ours !

Personal note from Brianna :
A lot of us have been feeling yucky, and sometimes we feel pushed into a guilty feeling about not being able to “do correct clearing”.  Know that these feelings of anger, anxiety or sadness are mostly caused by the incidents you will read in the below update.
I feel compelled to add this, because some of us were getting very confused, feeling that their inner job is pretty well done, and that this is “a setback”.
It is not. I hope this makes you feel a bit better.  Inner work is important, but not every bad feeling comes from “unresolved issues”. 
Take a good breath, try to go with the flow, and more than anything do what makes you most comfy.  Take note that irritability is in the air, because everybody is feeling this, Lightperson or not. Hence a lot of conflicts at many levels.  
Lots of Love, hang on thight 🙂 
From Susan : 
Dear Friends,
Good morning.  Finally some much needed rain in Israel!  After such a dry winter, it is certainly a relief.  It was also a great relief to have the L.B’s guide me to I may better serve you!
I have gotten quite a few e-mails from you last night and this morning.  It is clear that many of you are quite upset and worried about the intensity of the energies which started yesterday.  I am sitting with the L.B.s presently (very high dimensional guides from the Galactic Federation of Light.)  It is their job to offer us guidance and advice.  This is what they say:
“The Earth is considered a very beautiful and attractive planet in the galaxy.  The visitors from the Galactic Federation of Light are peaceful, loving and enlightened beings who are dedicated to your safety and welfare.  The 54 planet members and especially the 16 who are on and around Earth currently, are working to uplift and return the planet into a state of peace and consciousness.
In the universe, there are also some beings who are not of the Light.  You could compare them to your juvenile delinquents.  These entities like to make trouble such as hacking into channel lines and spreading false information.  They also have low dimensional vibrations which feel quite uncomfortable to enlightened humans.  Almost all of these unwelcome visitors from various planets were evicted.  The remaining group is around 90% finished so they will not be able to trouble humans anymore.  Sometimes, despite your planet (being compared to your “gated communities,”) have clear “no trespassing notices” posted,  trouble makers want to come in.  They don’t understand that the party is over.  They make attempts.  Because Earth is so precious to us, we have massive security teams who are on guard to protect you.  When there is an incident like yesterday, we act according to Universal Law.  This means, we are not able to do them bodily harm like your army or police forces but we have other methods which let them know that we mean business.
What some of you were feeling yesterday was our security teams on the job.  They are protecting you and will not allow any harm.  Think of it as having a 24 hour security forces surround your beautiful homes.  If there is a skirmish outside, you may feel it… It may cause you to be nervous but you are in no danger whatsoever. 
We understand that it is difficult to sleep through all the noise/vibrations and we also understand that after many long months, you have become tired of this.  What we can say is that we are doing our best to assist this chapter in coming to a close.  We cannot say that there will never be isolated security incidents ever again but we can tell you that we are on the job.  You will be able to live peacefully in the near future.  You will be able to live on your beautiful Earth without pain or worry.
Currently, the incident (and we do refer it as such as not to blow it out of proportion) is under control.  The “peak” has passed but it will still take a little while to completely calm down.
We, your guides, want you to know that we are here to help you through this.  All you have to do is send a telepathic “assistance SMS” and we will come.  We can offer you guidance, healing and a feeling of serenity.  You are never alone.  We are always here for you.  The strong energies that have been wearing you down will calm down.  This year will still have some ups and downs but you will start to see some long awaited good news and some visible evidence.
We love you,
The L.B.s

Sirian Team March 11

Via Susan, 

Definitely a time to rest, connect (nature as much as possible) and detach from all the “fear porn” that is being blasted around. 

Spring is coming, along with a beautiful Equinox. Rest, rest and rest 🙂  Keep the connection with whomever you feel more comfortable, your guides, Angels, Archangels, teams.  They are ALWAYS close by to answer calls, they will ALWAYS support us in moments of “too much density”.

Be gentle with yourself. Our bodies are upgrading, aching at times, or plain feeling funny and weird.  Give your bodies a break, and just Be Flow. 

Lots of Love and Bubbles !



March 11, 2914 Update from the Sirian and Reblemacal Teams:
Dear Friends,
Salamat Balik!
Last night was something out of Star Trek!  Around 10 p.m., I felt a large medical craft above me.  It is always exciting when I know my planet mates are around!  After settling in, I could hear the minutes of a medical meeting.  I am now allowed to stay conscious to attend meetings * whereas before they would knock me out before getting to the good stuff!   When different planet members are involved, English is spoken (telepathically.)  I was a bit surprised to hear the same medical terms we use on Earth.  The topic of the meeting was the stress these energetic/cleaning operations are having on our bodies.  You can be assured that they got our message loud and clear!
When I looked at the clock, I thought the meeting was about 15 minutes and it was actually 90!  This is what I was referring to in my last update.  Time becomes warped.
This morning, I called the Sirian Team and asked them for permission to post an update.  The R-Team was also around and joined in:
Sirians:   “We are making very good and advanced progress.  You are feeling the work being done on an accelerated level.  This is important because we need to raise the consciousness (of the mass population) in order (for them) to accept our presence.  We believe there will be the beginnings of some open evidence shortly.”
Susan:  “You understand what the word shortly means in human terms?  That means weeks, months or at the latest sometime within our linear year.  Not shortly in galactic terms which can mean any time!
Sirians:  “Yes.  We are talking in your human terms.  We are seeing advances and less resistance when we do our tests.  Therefore we are planning tangible news as soon as we can or as you say humanly possible. Click Me!   There is still some work to be done.”
Susan:  “Please confirm this message.”
Sirians: “Affirmative.”
Susan:  “I understand that the results of the last energetic upgrade last week were very good.”
Sirians:  “Oh yes.  Better than we expected.”
Susan:  “What is going on with the Ascension Project/Event?”
Sirians:  “What has been going on, is happening now and will continue …is all part of this.  The plans are sometimes modified for your safety and according to an acceptable pace.   We know you want to see things…. As Susan says tangible.  This is coming.”
Susan:  “What can I say to the humans down here who are really exhausted and suffering from pain/headaches due to the negative clearing operations?”
Reblemecals:  “These are low dimensional entities who have very unpleasant vibrations. They have been on Earth for a long time and it is time they leave your presence and stop making trouble – both for you and us. They cause headaches and a feeling of heaviness.  They are fully in custody.  We are in the last stages of “ridding them from you.”
Sirians:  We can’t stress the importance of taking rest breaks during this period!  We would like to be “strict” with you about thisClick Me! #  We can assure you that this will come to an end.  You will be able to live without the fatigue and headaches.  We promise you this.
Susan:   “So when do you think this negatives operation is going to finish.”
Reblemcals:  “We can’t give you a date but we are towards the end.  Around 90%.”
Susan:  “Please confirm this.”
Reblemecals:  “Affirmative.”
Susan:  “There have been some readers who are concerned they can’t get through these days when they channel.”
Reblemecals: ” We are always here!  Sometimes we have to go on low communication mode or totally no communication mode.  We don’t want hacking into the lines.  It also interferes with our work.  This is temporary.”
Susan:  “Another question from readers concerns the different feel of messages – even if they are coming from the Federation.”
Reblemecals:  “This is an excellent question.  First of all, it is indeed important to make sure that the channel is indeed sanctioned by us.  Not all those on your Internet are.
The Galactic Federation of Light is a large organization which has many planet members.  There is spiritual leadership which is working side by side as well.  Each planet has their own language, customs and vibration.  Major decisions are made in the various counsels which Susan likes to call “Head quarters.”  The various branches, divisions and individual teams are able to have some autonomy.  Therefore, the styles of the channel will slightly differ.  It is not an accident that GFOL channels are teamed up with members who will have a “fit” most suited to their outlook.  In most cases, humans work with guides from their home soul planet.  Sometimes, channels work with energetic beings or ascended masters.  What is important to remember is that the reader should feel comfortable with that reading.  We call it resonate.
Susan:  “Anything else you’d wish to say today?”
Sirians:  “Just that we love you all very much and ask you not to worry so much!”
*Explanation:  I attend meetings and channel from my home.  It would be like a conference call.  I can feel and hear everything.  Sometimes they allow me to see as well….
 # I was actually given an order yesterday afternoon to go lay down!
Oops!  Think the link I sent yesterday was not operational.  Let’s try again.
Have a Click Me! day from Tel Aviv.
Salamat Kasi Da!   (In loving service)
Susan and Siriat Parata (the Sirian Team)
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