Dare to Create NOW!

Re-blogging this (again) amazing post by Brenda Hoffman.

You may want to also read the previous one “Strutting your Stuff” ! (posted here, see in archives)

Reading today’s post, I felt the need to assert my creating skills more deeply. So, did just that. (see below)

And immediately felt a wonderful wave of Gratitude and Love.

Need more validation ? 🙂

Enjoy, and start the magic !

With huge Love and many, many Bubbles of JOY !


I declare and Decree my belief in creating and manifesting.

Here and Now, never to look back on Lack (of faith before all material, and thru faith in my/our godess abilities to create and co-create.)

Decreed in Love and Joy, So Be IT !



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Strut Your Stuff

Thank you so much Brenda Hoffman;  This is the kind of “hands on it can happen – it DOES happen”  post that brings a big Light in the day 🙂

I do intend to Strut my Stuff … in much Joy and always Love !



Strut Your Stuff.

By briannapurejoy

2011 – 2012 – 2013 Looking back

2011 – 2012 – 2013



As I see we all “roller-coast” up and down, something poked me to (try to) write a bout the past 2 years, as seen from a Now perspective 🙂

Nothing has changed ? Oh wow, LOTS has changed ! It’s just that living thru it, being immersed in everyday stuff, we tend to loose the bigger picture.



Taking this personal trip down memory lane might be tricky, so I will try to remain as detached as possible. Objective. May you compare, and take similar little journeys, to bring a big smile on your face and think too “boy, a lot DID change” 🙂






U-ha, personally, the first half of 2011 was all about exiting my personal “Dark Night of the Soul”. Teeth gritting stuff, not relevant here. (The “big Maelstrom” started in 2008).

Around May, things ligthened up, the mood was switching to optimism, the anxiety attacks were receding big time. I had been crippled by onslaughts of anxiety for 3 years, sometimes to the point of taking a pill in the evening, just to be able to have an almost normal time with my kids.

I don’t think there is anything more crippling than anxiety. Aside from physical pain. No wonder we constantly get nuged and poked about this from Archangels and the whole gang!

Fear is paralyzing, but it can also trigger life-saving adrenalin. Flee of Fight stuff.

Anxiety is slowly dis-empowering, if you allow it. It creates an ugly buffer between you and whatever is happening around you. Doesn’t let you enjoy the small happy moments.

Enough said about this, my point is, if I was one o’them archons of cabal dudes, this would be my WMD of choice. Scared people can be voaltile, and lash out. Anxious people won’t. It nails you to your chair.


Entering summer of 2011. Out of the blue, I had an opportunity to go to the Seaside. For a week-end, to be part of a summer show. This is when Magic really started 🙂


One week-end turned into over a week. The lady owner of the hotel we are “parked” in (the artists involved in the summer shows, and wee me) offered me to stay on as long as I wished. Wow ! Bless her adorable Soul.



And the Flow of Magic started.


First a dream I will never forget. (I do not remember the exact date, sometime between the very last days of July or the beginning of August).

In the dream, I was talking, sharing and having fun with a guy (guy, because there is no age in that dream). We had pure Love going back and forth; not love as in romantic babble, Love as in unconditional and pure. The place itself was out of time, we were in Nature. It felt pristine, untouched, unaltered.

At some point, we said our goodbyes, fully knowing this was a special moment, a gift. And that our next encounter might be in a long time. We didn’t know how long, yet there was no sadness. We both knew we would never totally lose contact. And we knew we would be meeting again. There was a little feeling of nostalgia, but no pain at all. Rather a sweet Joy to have had this time out of time. And a feeling that we each carried a spark from the other with us. The last hugs were in a “knowing that the Portal is closing now”.

And I woke up.

I had no idea about various Timelines back then, and vortexes, and portals…


From that day, Magic was a constant for the remainder of my stay by the sea. Friends that I had not seen in a long time changed plans, and came to visit. From other countries too, it was amazing. New friends appeared. And we just enjoyed BEing like there was no tomorrow 🙂

Sunbathing, absorbing sun rays. Being in the water, being silly, talking about everything and little nothings. Food tasted yummy, and we ate like lions.


The last friend arrived when the others were going back to their respective homes. A painter friend, does Reiki, and is just about what you’d expect from an “artist” 😉


We shared my room, as he had very little money. So, first day after he arrived, I was on the terrace, letting him enjoy the room alone.

Owner Lady comes by and tells me there is a lot of smoke coming from my room. Along with a bizarre smell.

Up the stairs, floor I, floor II. Hallway was indeed filled with smoke. And smelled like inside an Orthodox church.

Opened the door to my room (number 212, btw, and I often saw it as 2012).

Room was so thick with smoke, I could hardly see him. And he looks at me, ever so candid “ oh, I’m just purifying a bit”. Burning incense cones.

By then he had indeed purifyed the whole neighborhood, the whole resort, actually !


And the following days were along those lines 🙂 Which caused a lot of laughter around.

Always something he “had” to do, always somewhere he “had” to go. Kinda compulsive dude.


We stopped bathing in the sea, and went instead to a nearby “salt lake” with wonderful mineral packed sea mud. As he was compulsively covering his whole body with mud (swear to God, up to his hairline; he looked like a racoon), I discoved the greatness of floating around in the very salted lake waters.

I remember feeling “this must be like the Primordial Ocean”. And the water is so salt packed that you cannot go under. So, you float effortlessly. Grand ! Those were my afternoons : sun and float, sun and float !



We are now in the very last days of August. Sun, float. Eat. Bliss !


On his last evening before going back home, big decision, let’s take some pictures (aside from painting, he is a wonderful photographer). So, as we come back from sun and float (sun and mud for him), he unpacks his camera, and starts snapping away.


Takes a round of .. maybe a dozen or so pictures. Then we sit on the bed to see how they look.

On each shot, there was a… Being. Not an Orb, a Being. A round part on “top”, with (in some pics) a rainbow around it. The “head point” was greenish Turquoise. And a “flowing body” colored Purple, with some Pink (dark pink).


Oh boy, my friend looked at his camera for flaws, looked at the room for reflections. He is open, but not THAT open 🙂

After scrutinyzing every detail, and not finding anything, we took some more picture.

And IT was in each and everyone of them 🙂


I even played with “IT”. And it changed shapes, in some shots it apprears to be in motion, and the “body” is extended in a long pencil like shape. There was no pattern, and as I played, it appeared left, right, up, down, in my palm in some shots. In others right in front of my Heart, and in one right in front of my face.

Magical moments. There are some 40 pictures, taken in the course of about 2 hours. The light changed (sun set, and it was night), I moved around. And yet…

My friend called it an Angel, I called it a Being of Light.


That was 2011. Fall was calm, restful. I actually don’t remember much, except that we had very nice weather. So, it was calm.

The calm before the storm ….


Holidays come, and go. Enter 2012.


On friday January 13th, my country took the streets !

It had been boiling, so to speak. And a little event was the proverbial last straw. The president fired the man who had struggled to create a real and effective ER system. Tipping point achieved, and it began.


University Square, January 2012



Thousands took the streets. We gathered in a place called University Square.


I was thinking of Egypt, another place, another square. Same goals.


There was brutal repression. They were wounded. We kept on. As january ended, snow began, and it turned out we had the coldest and most snow-filled winter in about 50 years.

Nevertheless, we kept on. Everyday we would gather in the square. We’d started to know each other, solidarity was emerging. As the days got even colder, there would often be someone (someoneS) bringing hot tea and coffee.


Beginning of february, there was so much snow that some villages were totally snowed in, cut from the world with very little supplies. Some homes were completely covered in snow. Elderly people could not manage by themselves. Cars got stuck on various roads.


We organized a food gathering. Everyone brought what they could afford to buy. Essentials. Water (when everything freezes over, you can actually go thirsty in a snow covered place). Fruits, canned foods, powdered milk…

People who owned well equipped jeeps volunteered to go. A convoy was organized, and 8 big jeeps were packed full. Beautiful caring people emerged then ! After we had started, everyone was organizing something. A guy even flew over with his Ultra Light plane, and dumped packages !


People on top of snowed-in houses – Winter 2012



People can be at their best in times of crisis. I’ve seen it, and yes, I’ve seen ugly, but I have seen Love, Care and Solidarity too ! I’ve seen Care in the eyes of people that looked so angry just a moment before. People can change. I have so much Hope for our beautiful Gaia.

Writing this, I just realize that, when I tend to feel gloomy about how many are still asleep right now, I should go back to that winter of 2012. And remember the look in these people’s eyes ! Grace happens, in the most unexpected moments, in the most unexpected places.



Spring 2012. We are still gathering in the square. Our Liberty square. Lot of people have given up. Too long, too cold. Those of us still there are keeping the torch up. One of my favorite “slogan” from that time is :

Together we are the Voice of Change !


The voice of Change – University Square March -April 2012



Spring turned into summer. Protesting was easier, it was warm outside, we could actually sit on the grass.

After all these months, something was in the air.

During the summer months of 2012, politicking went nuts. A feeble attempt was made to empeach the corrupt president. People were asked to vote (end of July). They did, and empeachement passed.

By the end of August, the “just as corrupt” Constitutional Court came out with it’s verdict.

Vote is NULL.

People were numb. Felt betrayed, fooled. It was surreal. An EU member country was acting like a totalitarian regime. And no one cared. We felt sick.


After this, our numbers dwindled. People just gave up. By october, I started to let go as well. Time to take care of other matters, time to regroup too, and think !



December 2012


12-21-2012 was a peaceful day here. I just made sure to tell everyone I was “unavailable”. I had been meditading (Tom Kenyon was my sound of choice, and it was – still is- fantastic), and wanted to be opened, and free of any other thoughts.

On a site I watched live how unity meditation and prayer was being done in Jerusalem.


If I am to remember one thing about that day, it’s this beautiful moment. There were ma ny people, obviously from various countries. There were Imans, Rabbis, Monks and at least one Catholic priest. They sang, hugged, held hands.

Unity !

A very peaceful closing for a tremendously active year.



And now, we’re here. 2013 !


What a roller-coaster year it is ! Jam packed with emotions, energies, weather being bizarre, and some beautiful alignments to enjoy and move thru growing and expanding.

Egypt took the streets again, because of “unfinished business” in 2011. Turkey is still active, Greece has never really stopped protesting, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany … Rallies all the time. Brazil !

Some countries are still at war. But as we go the situation is changing, and we realize it’s not such a “black and white” situation, as we first believed.

A whistleblower very few heard about until recently just passed the one year mark in Ecuador’s embassy, litterally imprisoned there.

Another one just raised big hell in the US, UK and pretty much around the globe.

Most of us are waking up to the fact that we cannot trust mainstream media, and are looking for alternative sources of info.

And above all, we are coming together like never before ! New groups are formed, gatherings happen around the globe. Also, as I look now at the posts I read, and I’m amazed by the volume of comments. So much sharing, so much is learned thru all our comments. We are blossoming.

And SO much is yet to come.


We can feel it, we know it. Even when we dip a bit, and whine (hey, we go thru a lot), we can still feel it. So, a big hurray for 2013, the year of Love and Blossoming into our New Earth !


Even if it’s past midsummer here (or midwinter down under), in New Earth’s time it’s barely the premice of Spring !


The spring of Year 1. And like all springs, the weather (and mood) can be… capricious 🙂


It can change from hour to hour. From a bit gray to marvelous sunshine. Can you hear the tiny popping sounds ? New sprouts are emerging. Pop… pop … 🙂

Ah, sure, the Old World is making a lot of background noise. Still, we can hear the new sprouts behind all the bruhaha !

Pop… pop. It won’t stop now. It’s here !


Have a moment of doubt ? Think where you were at 2 years ago, or even last year.

Think how you felt then, and how you feel now. See your growth ?


Welcome to the premices of Spring, Year 1 !


With much, much Love 🙂





Big thanks to the dedicated people I read and who help mentain the sunshine :



Philip Wade – Spheres of Light

Aisha North – The Pond

Tazjima – Blue Dragon

Steve Beckow – Golden Age of Gaia

Lisa Gawlas

Denise LeFay

Bryan Hall

Meline Lafont … and many others.

And a special mention for Eileen, from Sacred Spirals of Light. Eileen, if you ever read this, know that I miss you and your posts very much !




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