Dare to Create NOW!

Re-blogging this (again) amazing post by Brenda Hoffman.

You may want to also read the previous one “Strutting your Stuff” ! (posted here, see in archives)

Reading today’s post, I felt the need to assert my creating skills more deeply. So, did just that. (see below)

And immediately felt a wonderful wave of Gratitude and Love.

Need more validation ? šŸ™‚

Enjoy, and start the magic !

With huge Love and many, many Bubbles of JOY !


I declare and Decree my belief in creating and manifesting.

Here and Now, never to look back on Lack (of faith before all material, and thru faith in my/our godess abilities to create and co-create.)

Decreed in Love and Joy, So Be IT !



via Dare to Create NOW!.

By briannapurejoy

3 comments on “Dare to Create NOW!

  1. I was told by Marvelous Mauve Rose that ONE of the Secrets to understanding what this New Energy is all about, is to CREATE from the Passions of our Hearts! I am I AM! And I have been transported to a Golden World!!!! OH, Brianna, your site is yummy-decilious! I LOVE your theme, and I LOVE the colors and the whole FEEL of it! HIGH 5!
    With all my LOVE,

  2. Thank you so much, darling sister šŸ™‚
    I needed these words right now. Trying to balance a lot of things.
    So, my heart to yours in a BIG Hug and much gratitude. Passion is a marvelous thing. Golden we are, multicolored we create.
    Love you, my Pink Goddess Sister šŸ™‚

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