Spheres of Light

This is a very special moment in our journey to full awareness.  We just went thru the Equinox, another major energy rock, roll swim and ride time.

That left most of us absolutely exhausted ! Personally, I could sleep all day… and some 🙂

Change is in the air, change is within each of us.  Along with the usual battle bruises and various Ascension symptoms. About these, a BIG thanks to Denise LeFay for her last post on this subject.  The post, and massive comments about all our various “ouchies” does help.  And validates, which is always a welcomed feeling.

So, in this big whirlwind (quite literally where I live) it’s a big comfort to have tools that really help. Meditating, connecting with nature…

Another tool is engaging with Spheres of Light.  Many of you are familiar with my effusive Bubbles of Joy 🙂  that I always add everywhere 😀 . Well, my Bubbles are part of the Spheres of Light.

The Bubbles a small and meant for Pure Joy … blup, blup…  The Spheres are big, and meant for Solace, Healing, and expanding.  Many of us might have encountered a Sphere or two, actually. While meditating, or in dream time. I had.

But it took getting to know Philip, and his formidable good nature, to really consciously become aware of the power of Spheres. They are a gift. Another tool for our kit of Ascension Pioneers, Wayshowers, Lightwarriors … for US.

From my Heart to yours, in Love, and with many, many Bubbles of Joy



By briannapurejoy

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