Follow your Heart, Follow the Light. November is starting By Brianna PureJoy

Today, November 1st is a very energetically powerful day. And at the same time, also a very calming day, in purely flowing thru incoming energies.

Actually more as allowing them to flow thru me. Thru all of us.

It feels as if messages come in a clearer way, as if wishes and thoughts are being crystallized with the help of insights.

Some are flashes of clarity, some are wishes brought forth in our consciousness thru brief images, in some cases followed by intense daydreaming of what we really wish our very near future to look and feel like.


Some of us feel a call, coming from deep indside. Maybe even something very ancient, that is now resurfacing clearly. A need to step even further into our true path, and immerse ourselves in what we feel called to do.

Be it wayshowers, Light warriors, conduits of Light. Anyway we are all a mix of the above, and each of us, in our uniqueness, may know we are a bit more of this, or a bit more of that, but as part of being all One, we complement each others beautifully. We are all specks of Light that co-create a wonderful Rainbow of Love, spreading it across Earth, Gaia. Raising ourselves in vibration, and thus raising others along.

The specks that we are becoming brilliant Beings, powerful Heart centers that emanate Love, Light, and are helping spread them all around us. Feeding the Grid more each day.

This is not ego-based, this is the Truth of what we are. This Truth that has been supressed for so long, always making us feel «less than», or unworthy. We are powerful Beings, now able to create together a new way, a new path. We are building the briges for others to step out of the old paradigm, and into fulness of Being.


Let this knowledge fill you with Joy. Be ever so gentle with yourselves, it is a time when nurturing our physical selves is very important. Indulge in things that bring you Joy and pleasure. Nap when you can. Strech as if you were immense Beings, let your minds wonder and wander. Daydreaming has a reason, it can be the first step to actively create your dreamworld. Then you can start anchoring it in reality. Step by step, with all the new skills we are getting back, and claiming back.


I am allowing myself to LOVE me. Thus I am allowing myself to Love YOU !

It is as simple as that.


November is starting, with many special days filled with yet new energies to take in, with new skills to discover, and with an ever growing LOVE to feel in Joy.


Occupy LOVE !


By briannapurejoy

2 comments on “Follow your Heart, Follow the Light. November is starting By Brianna PureJoy

  1. Oh, Bri-Bri, this is wonderful! Magnificent! I totally enjoyed what you wrote and I can SO relate! Such a powerful shift within today, or a merging more, perhaps, closer now then ever, to my Core, to ME.
    Thank you for these words! YES! Occupy LOVE for November! I hold hands with you, Sister JOY, together, forever, Creating Love and JOY wherever we are!!
    I Love you!

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