Christ Consciousness Returning




We love to look for signs. I do 🙂 

In the sky, in clouds, in animal behavior,  in music lyrics, in a whole lot of synchronicities … There are plenty of “winks from Heaven“, as I call them !

Yet, maybe we are so busy with our little ones, our personal set o’ signs, that we are not seeing the BIG one displayed just … about NOW in our skies. We are again entrenched in the world’s brouhaha of daily dramas, the murmur or many things expected, our daily personal roller-coasters, and we fail to see a beautiful gift we are given. 

Let me go back a bit… say about … 2000 years back .

We all know the story. 3 Mages followed a Star to a humble barn, where a Christ was born.  We celebrate this every year, on a fixed date. This is our Christmas. 

And what do we get this special year, that many of us call year One ?  What could possibly herald something magnificent, and be also a “sign” that would be familiar to us all ?  

The very same sign. A moving Star, brilliantly streaking through  our skies. Visible already, I hearsay. Will be very visible for Christmas, and maybe into the new year. Year Two ! Who, or what is this ?  The one we hear about in the news sometimes, or maybe in a post or two. Comet Ison (I call her comet Isis).  

It seems to baffle scientists because of it’s behavior. Ahaaa, so it actually calls for our attention.  Consider this : lately it changed colors. From a typical whitish, it suddenly turned a beautiful Blue. And it also became much more brilliant.  

How is that for a series of signs.  It is literally waving at us, with love, and a display of Lights. Around and for Christmas !

Heralding what we are waiting for : the Return of Christ Consciousness ! 

What a glorious way to end year One !

With Love, and many Bubbles of Joy


This link is fantastic,  many thanks to North Point Astrology 🙂  Got a lot on Ison !

By briannapurejoy

15 comments on “Christ Consciousness Returning

  1. LOVE this, BriBri! I too have been “focused” on signs. Really cool! I just LOVE what you wrote here. This is going to be exciting as we all watch Comet Isis. Truly, Days of Wonders are here!!!


      • Bri, I just saw your comment. Going into my third day with giggles and belly laughs. I see so much humor everywhere or I just find eveything funny. I’ll have you laughing at Petals Unfolding today. GRIN

        Giggles and nose snorts, Amy

    • Wonderful !!!
      I am a sucker for Lighthouses, have been forever 🙂 So, when I looked for a picture to use here, this is the one that resonated very much ! And I wondered where it is !!

      Maybe you could tell me ?
      Thank you, Much Love and Bubbles of Joy to both of you 🙂

  2. Oh Dear GOD, Bri, I’ve got the giggles so bad again. Earlier today felt like dying. Now bubbles all over the place. I laugh so hard ’cause I see how serious we all take ourselves. And this never ending hunt for MORE knowledge……oh god! I am peeing in my pants. Just what are we gonna do with all that knowledge? How about just chillin’ and BEin’? OMG! Help me, Bri. This laughter is over taking me……..

    • So true ! Knowledge is great.. to help “wake up”, to help realize who we really are, what we really want/need.
      The rest is icing, and some like a little, some like a LOT 😀
      Betcha the new world will have quite a few “perpetual students” looking into Akashic records a lot.
      And others just BEing under blossomed trees 🙂 It’s all great.
      Giggles and Bubbles

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