Christ Consciousness Returning




We love to look for signs. I do 🙂 

In the sky, in clouds, in animal behavior,  in music lyrics, in a whole lot of synchronicities … There are plenty of “winks from Heaven“, as I call them !

Yet, maybe we are so busy with our little ones, our personal set o’ signs, that we are not seeing the BIG one displayed just … about NOW in our skies. We are again entrenched in the world’s brouhaha of daily dramas, the murmur or many things expected, our daily personal roller-coasters, and we fail to see a beautiful gift we are given. 

Let me go back a bit… say about … 2000 years back .

We all know the story. 3 Mages followed a Star to a humble barn, where a Christ was born.  We celebrate this every year, on a fixed date. This is our Christmas. 

And what do we get this special year, that many of us call year One ?  What could possibly herald something magnificent, and be also a “sign” that would be familiar to us all ?  

The very same sign. A moving Star, brilliantly streaking through  our skies. Visible already, I hearsay. Will be very visible for Christmas, and maybe into the new year. Year Two ! Who, or what is this ?  The one we hear about in the news sometimes, or maybe in a post or two. Comet Ison (I call her comet Isis).  

It seems to baffle scientists because of it’s behavior. Ahaaa, so it actually calls for our attention.  Consider this : lately it changed colors. From a typical whitish, it suddenly turned a beautiful Blue. And it also became much more brilliant.  

How is that for a series of signs.  It is literally waving at us, with love, and a display of Lights. Around and for Christmas !

Heralding what we are waiting for : the Return of Christ Consciousness ! 

What a glorious way to end year One !

With Love, and many Bubbles of Joy


This link is fantastic,  many thanks to North Point Astrology 🙂  Got a lot on Ison !

By briannapurejoy

17 comments on “Christ Consciousness Returning

  1. LOVE this, BriBri! I too have been “focused” on signs. Really cool! I just LOVE what you wrote here. This is going to be exciting as we all watch Comet Isis. Truly, Days of Wonders are here!!!


      • Bri, I just saw your comment. Going into my third day with giggles and belly laughs. I see so much humor everywhere or I just find eveything funny. I’ll have you laughing at Petals Unfolding today. GRIN

        Giggles and nose snorts, Amy

  2. Oh Dear GOD, Bri, I’ve got the giggles so bad again. Earlier today felt like dying. Now bubbles all over the place. I laugh so hard ’cause I see how serious we all take ourselves. And this never ending hunt for MORE knowledge……oh god! I am peeing in my pants. Just what are we gonna do with all that knowledge? How about just chillin’ and BEin’? OMG! Help me, Bri. This laughter is over taking me……..

    • So true ! Knowledge is great.. to help “wake up”, to help realize who we really are, what we really want/need.
      The rest is icing, and some like a little, some like a LOT 😀
      Betcha the new world will have quite a few “perpetual students” looking into Akashic records a lot.
      And others just BEing under blossomed trees 🙂 It’s all great.
      Giggles and Bubbles

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