Rainbow Dream. We are so close to Home

I had a dream …
How I always loved this sentence. So powerful. Actually empowering, even though it starts with ” I “.
This short note is to set the setting 🙂   I do dream, of course. I’ve had numerous dreams I remember to this day; dreams that came true,  people I dreamed of before meeting them on this side, crazy dreams, you name it …   Periods of not remembering anything upon waking up, and this now period, when it seems so much is happening during dream time.
Like a lot of us, recently I took to sometimes napping.  I guess most will understand what I mean, suddenly feeling like “must sleep now, must sleep now …” 😀   And it’s so sweet when you actually can.
This dream came during one of those afternoon naps. I just had to.  Noting the date, it was exactly one month ago. October 23.
For some reason, I could not post it until today.  Oh, I did try a couple of times. No way. everything went wrong 🙂
Just realized that maybe… maybe it had something to do with today’s AION portal.  Maybe today, something, if at least our collective intent, will connect us closer, and also propel us further.
Will be joining in the AION meditation tonight.  Feels good, feels right.  Feeling lots of intense energy building up.
Much Love to you all, and see you later !
P.S. At the end of the dream, the note in italics is from Philip Wade (Spheres of Light). I had asked him for his insight, and I think it important to include)  ❤
 Beautiful dream, afternoon of 23/10/2013
(during one of «falling asleep, cannot stay awake» nap)
           I was somewhere familiar, as it was in the immediate proximity of my house, yet this place doesn’t exist in «real life». I was walking towards home, along with some of my cats (right, you don’t walk cats).  Walked thru a small park, and was making sure all my cats were following me home.
           One of the cats was Yoda, who crossed over last July. I even called him by name. Another was one of my small ones, a very loving clingy red furball with wraparound eyes (called him Alien when he was born, because of the strange eye shape).
          On the way I entered a small cafe, and was explaining to a young couple how to meet with us later for participating in our protest. And I was putting a lot of energy into explaining why it was very important that we all take action for change now
Then I exited  the cafe, which was actually the last car of a train, and it was gearing up to leave. (I knew it only had a short way to go to the last and final station, but I had no desire to be in it, as I had my cats and other things waiting for me outside, it was not MY ride, my “job” in there was done).
           Outside I was sitting down on the pavement, looking at the sun and moon being in a perfect vertical straight line from each other.
A middle aged man exited the cafe/train with a couple of friends, and I was so enthoused by the beauty of the sun/moon that I told them to look up ! It was dusk by then.  Not dark yet, but exactly the in-between day and night. A man (middle aged) looked up, and started telling his friends to do so. They all did, except for a lady who just didn’t want to.
           Then (I was still sitting) I looked up again, this time straight up from where I was (by then there was a larger group of people around) and I saw a roundish cloud, very close to us, BIG, and completely surrounded by rays of Light.
            Not rays of sunset light, but rays of rainbow colored Light. It was so beautiful that I called everyone’s attention to it ! And I was happy and excited. My son was right next to me, and would not look up (as in «another one of your crazy thoughts»).
            Then the rays started falling down all over us, even brighter in their rainbow color. Slowly, graciously and beautifully. I was filled with excited happiness. It was happening.
The kind of miraculous stuff no one can deny seeing and feeling.
           I woke up, covered with sleepy cats hugged close. Felt good. One of my thoughts was that Yoda (my crossed over cat) was with me to mark the fact that we were all in a different realm.
P.S. As I write, the little red furball is having yet another Love attack on me 🙂 He puts his little paws on my face and nuzzles:)
(note from Philip)
This whole dream speaks to me of different realities, merging timelines and what is to come/unfolding. Behind the veil it seems. Very interesing that both Yoda and Alien featured… that is a message in itself… Yoda’s powers and alien (ETs)… perhaps they are pointing to the help we are getting…
Not sure I know about the cafe bit unless its of particular significance to you. Clearly you knew it was not your ride… so you know where you ARE going!
Fascinating about the moon/sun ALIGNMENT of energies is what comes to me here… and a twilight zone, again pointing to merging realities seeing both sides of the veil perhaps. May be it was also more than a cloud? You son was probably acting as a doubter (representing himself/maybe others and maybe a bit of you) but the experience happened anyway. Your language about no one can deny… points to overcoming doubt as well…
I feel this is a very affirming and uplifting dream and interestingly aligns with some similar signs/dreams I’ve had recently about ET presence/support from other worlds.
By briannapurejoy

6 comments on “Rainbow Dream. We are so close to Home

  1. Hi Brianna, glad it made it here eventually! Interesting that it’s the day of the AION Portal as you say!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    By the way I gave you the wrong link above something in the link coding was wrong I realised after I sent it. If you re-enter it as http://www.spheresoflight.org that should do the trick…

    Much love and Spheres Of Light to all … looking forward to tonight. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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