Another Susan update.  Feels good to know NOT all “cruddy” feelings are related to personal release work, but just a ricochet of general cleanup 🙂  

Have a wonderful day !  Blessings and Bubbles !


Good Morning from sunny Israel,
First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have written to me.  I am pleased to answer your questions and to reassure you to the best of my ability.  I take all your feedback into consideration.  As I’ve said many times – this is for ALL of us.  Feel free to share this information with anyone who may need it. 
On the technical front, my wonderful web designer and I finished up all the text (it is turning into a book!)  We need to polish it up a bit, add the photos and we’re off!  Can’t wait to get this information out there in a proper format!
I would like to address two subjects today:
1.  Political Unrest:
There is still political unrest in some “hot spots” throughout the world.  The Ukraine is currently in the news but as we know, there are other pockets. 
The guides of the Galactic Federation of Light reassure us:
“Nuclear war will not be allowed. It not only has severe consequences for Earth but the waves reach beyond (to the Universe.)  It is strictly prohibited and we have taken steps to assure this.”
“Some of the internal skirmishes on Earth are a result of man’s rising consciousness.  You are no longer willing to sit back and be ruled by others.  Universal law stipulates Free Will.   We do not interfere in the internal affairs/politics of a particular country.  We do intervene and guide to prevent regional or global warfare.” 
“As awareness increases, mankind will understand that war is futile and the planet will be returned to a peaceful state.”
2.   Health:
“We understand that many of you are beginning to hear, smell and see things you previously have not.  This may be high pitched sounds (our equipment/our craft), ears popping (likewise,) or feeling pressure on the tops of your heads (same.)  This is simply our teams working.  We are here for you.  We protect you.  We are doing all our work for your benefit.  The white flashes, black or colored specks floating in the air are energies.  As you are developing, your third eye (located in the center of the forehead) is opening.  Therefore you are seeing things that were previously unknown.  This is not a cause for concern!  The opposite.  You are rapidly advancing in your abilities.  All of your senses are sharpening.”
An update from the Sirian Security Team:  
“We understand that you are not feeling well.  We would like to reassure you that the symptoms many of you are feeling are due to the work that is being done to take care of lower dimensional vibrational energies.  The heaviness – both physical and emotional are due to this.  Although it is very unpleasant, we assure you that it is not dangerous.  This is a large project.  We are responding to your pleas to finish this as soon as possible as your rising dimensions are finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate low energies.  We are here for you.”  
Salamat Kasi Da – Sirian for In Loving Service,


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    Another update from our sister Susan 🙂  


Dear Friends,
Good morning to all.  We had some very needed rain last night in Israel and the air feels fresh and clean. 
The Update:
The teams are continuing with the work to “insulate” the negatives.  As I’ve mentioned before, most of them have been deported.  The remaining group is in custody but continues to “make noise.”  Their temper tantrums are not only a disturbance to our energy fields (thus the headaches, dizziness, vibrations, flu like symptoms and “down” feelings) but are a major nuisance for the security teams.  This has been interrupting the other work and causing delays.  Karen Bishop mentioned  these energies “digging in their heels ” a few weeks ago in her blog and she was right on the mark! Until a permanent solution is found, the Federation is in the midst of reinforcing the barriers so hopefully this will be behind us shortly.  Once again – I urge you to understand that the physical and emotional symptoms you are feeling have nothing to do with any internal baggage.  It is simply your neurological symptoms reacting to the “overload.” 
From the Sirian Security Team: 
“We wish you to know that we are here.  We are working as efficiently as we can to get our work done and hope that you will have relief.  We are aware that you are feeling headaches and fatigue. Today (Tuesday) is not “energetic upgrading.”  Think of it more like “construction work.”  We have large forces on this.  The pressure on top of your heads is our aircraft. The high pitched sounds you hear is also ours.   We cannot say how long the work will last but do not think it will be a “long one” (in human terms.)  We believe it will be a few more days…  You are always protected and loved.  During the work, we may ask you not to channel on and off.  This ensures that we can concentrate on doing our work.” 
From the Counsel (which I dub “Headquarters):  “We commend you for your patience.  We do hear you and say that we are working on solutions and compromises for the good of ALL.”   
Last night, the Sirian Team asked me to remind you the importance of rest during these intensive energetic days.  They recommend short periods of recharging the batteries during the day.  This can mean a “time out” or a walk outside.  Meditation does not have to be long or involved.  This is what the Team recommended:
“Select a quiet place.  Turn off all outside electronic devices that can distract you.  Breathe in deeply and slowly from the lungs and concentrate on the heart chakra.  Imagine in your mind an image of something you love.  It can be a person, a place or a scene which brings you joy. Take this thought and bring it/turn it “inward.”   Don’t “fight” it when other thoughts come back.  Gently, bring your awareness back to the thoughts or scene which brings you pleasure.  If your eyes are tired, place a cloth or damp towel over them.  This technique can also help you fall asleep at night or go back to sleep if you are awakened.”
The Andromedan medical teams recommend:  Arnica 30C – 3 globules, 3 x a day.
I am always here to answer your questions.
Salamat Kasi Da – In loving service,


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Update from Susan, February 20th 2014


Personal note :  I just had a “bad” night sleep, waking up many times with a headache. And feeling rather bleah.  In the past few day I also noticed an increased amount of friends (“awake” or not) complaining of either headaches, nausea etc, and mentioning “not understanding why”.

In her first update, Susan gives us a few homeopatic tips to help alleviate these symptoms. 

Too “bleah” to remember the date it was posted here 🙂  I will check and post the link in comments. 

Heads up lovely family of Light ! This is hand-on good news, aches or not 🙂



February 19th:
Good Evening Friends,
This is the second update from the Sirian Team.  As I’ve mentioned, I will put these updates on my new Internet site once it is operational.  Hopefully another week or two.  We are on the way!
I would highly recommend reading the blog/site called “Eireportal.”  It recently was changed from the name “Gaiaportal.”  I have gotten the reconfirmation that it is indeed given as a service from the Lyrans.  It is a bit technical but if you read it a few times, you will “get it.” 
This evening, the connection was a bit distant.  I tried to get some editing work done and had to give up after 20 minutes because it was too taxing on my brain.  The reason the teams were sent even further “up” in space is that there is intensive energetic work going on.  As high vibrational beings, they don’t require it.  It seems to interfere with their work and it is best for them to be “out of the way.”
Why are we feeling “weird?”  It is because our bodies are going through a massive “upgrading.”  Our so-called “junk” DNA is being reconnected and our cells are being cleaned.  So what’s new?  Those of us who aren’t what I call “connected” are starting to feel it.  They will brush it off with all kinds of explanations, but they are actually feeling something.   My husband (who has zero connection) came home with a headache and saying he feels fatigued.  The medical teams explain:
“Although you are feeling headaches and most of you feel dizzy, this is nothing to worry about!  This is a side effect of the upgrading you are receiving.  In effect, it will make your bodies stronger.  You will become less fragile and less prone to disease.  You will also live longer.  Those of you who are in your 50’s today are expected to live well over 100.   Not like today with a multitude of illnesses requiring medications.  You will live longer and healthier.  Those who are of younger generation will live even longer.  Just like any phase of growth – infants, teenagers…. Many of you will require more sleep during this period.  This is normal.  Your populations are being carefully monitored by our medical teams.”
I asked how long this current upgrade will last  – “Probably a few more days.”   Is there anything we can do about the headaches and fatigue?  “Rest more, get fresh air and it will pass.”
“The work on Earth is progressing although there is still much to be done.”
My next question was about the “cities of Light” which were mentioned today in Eireport.   The Sirian communications officer confirmed that some of what we feel is “construction work.”  Yesterday I mentioned that the Bionians were “destroying” some infrastructure and are putting in new.  These cities are being constructed and some of them already exist.  They are on a higher dimensional plane.  This means that for the majority of humans, they are still invisible.  When we go higher up the ladder into higher dimensions (in the near future,)  they will become visible.  It is hoped that the majority of humans will go from the 3rd to 4th dimensions.  Many will go up to the 5th and a few (possibly) to the 6th.  So, to my delight and I must say surprise (because I was very skeptical when initially hearing about this), it is true.  We are in for some delightful experiences. 
I asked once again about 2014 being a year of importance.  The answer came back “yes.” 
I have been asked multiple times about the Arcturians.  No, they are not Federation and not of the Light.  I hope this clears this matter up once and for all. 
Lastly – I asked about the situation with the negatives.  I have had some disagreements with the Federation on this because it has been their policy to “hide” this from the humans.   I assure them that you are “mature” enough to know the truth.  Well, there is good news.  They are “out of the way.”   They will not tell me the details – if they are finished deporting them completely or simply moved them to a very secure location until they can….. The GOOD NEWS is that they are out of our hair and should NOT be able to hack into our lines anymore.  WHEW!  We should be able to see a sharp reduction in space spam shortly.
As always, Salamat Kasi Da (Sirian for In Loving Service)
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New Update from Susan

  And good news, Susan’s website should be ready soon !  
Update for February 17, 2014
As you know, the energies have been very strong.   Earth has been undergoing preparation for the return of human consciousness for a long time.  The Galactic Federation of Light has undertaken a cleaning operation over the past 3 years in order to ensure its success.  It is a complicated process.  Very few of the inhabitants of the planet are aware of what’s happening behind the scenes.  “Ignorance is bliss” as the saying goes but with the frequency and intensity of the energies, more and more people are “feeling things.”  They are running to their doctors with a variety of symptoms – dizziness, nausea, heart palpations and anxiety.  The GFOL’s unofficial policy has been to “protect” us by “taking care of business” while offering generic messages such as  “all is well.”   It has to be said that many do not want to know the truth, preferring to stay in a comfort zone.  That is perfectly o.k!  Judging from the scores of e-mails I get, most people are fed up with the lack of information.  I am in a unique position of being able to see and work from both sides.  I am human in form and have strong Sirian DNA.  I have learned to explain human concepts to the teams, such as the necessity of saying goodbye when leaving.  I have had to explain to humans the need to modify schedules and TIME – both of which are meaningless in galactic society. 
I get quick updates almost on a daily basis. From my experience, knowing what is happening relieves both the mystery and fear.  It saddens me to hear people blaming themselves (“I have more internal cleaning to do”) or the symptoms on a host of “excuses” (finances, the weather, “heart” conditions….)  Worse yet is when Light workers are not diagnosed properly from well meaning health care professionals and are put on a variety of medications which do not help. 
The reason the energies are so intense is that there are multiple projects happening at the same time.  One day it is deportations of negative entities.  The next day, there is energetic testing going on.  Over the weekend, we had a very unpleasant 2 day which deep cleaned our cells.  It was explained to me that this would be like cleaning the hard drive on the computer to remove deep seated traumas.  This is the reason for the unexplained “nightmares” and sleep interruptionson Friday-Saturday.  Many of us had bouts of sudden anger and anxiety on Sunday morning.
Yesterday and today – according to the Bionians:  (the planet responsible for security)  “We are destroying infrastructure underground and are rebuilding a new one.  The electric sensations and headaches are due to this.”    
I had a long talk late last night with my team (the Sirians) who were joined by the security staff and “senior members” of the Counsels.  I explained to them that they need to be in touch with what is happening to us on both the physical and emotional levels.   They explained that the work is necessary and for the “benefit of all mankind.”   I explained that we cannot continue in this manner – week after week with non-stop physical pain.  This goes beyond “discomfort.”   For the next 2 hours, I explained what we are feeling and the ramifications. 
The following is a summary of the meeting:
1.  The GFOL has agreed to improve communication with the “Ground Crew.”  It is true that most of the teams have been moved “up” (at the rim of the Earth’s atmosphere) while the work is being undertaken.  This makes it more difficult to communicate.  However, they are “working on this issue.”
2.  I  (Susan) undertake to give frequent updates which are cleared by them for security.  Information which tells you what is happening. 
3.  I urged them to set priorities – whatever is essential has to be finished in order to make the Earth safe enough for both them and us (for example – finishing the deportations of the negatives and cleaning up any radiation or nuclear waste.)  
4.  I asked them to understand what is happening on ground level.  They replied that they are “listening to us” and will have to “modify the plans” to ease the energetic sickness.
5.  While they are not giving dates, they are giving me some kind of reassurance that 2014 WILL be an important year.  While we will have much work to do, they realize we need something tangible, something visual, something “evidence based” as we say in medicine.  They very much hope to start the cooperation between the GFOL and mankind. 
6.  They are “modifying plans” concerning the “Event.”  They are not prepared to talk about it at this time.      
7.  They agree to the point:  “While we expect you to understand that things take “time,” we understand that you do not feel a sense of security and are in need of tangible reassurance.”
8.  They understand our concerns about finances.  We will basically have to take care of ourselves in the short term but it will be solved in the long term. 
9.  The medical teams have not yet returned to work on ground level.  They are needed to monitor our collective health during this process.  The LB’s (Light Beings) are able to do energetic work. 
10.  They promised that they do “hear us” and are taking our concerns seriously.
11.  They ask us to understand that need to periodically go on low or off line during operations.  This is to ensure the lines are not hacked.
12.  They ask us to understand that we are never, ever alone and we are greatly respected and loved.  While they don’t enjoy our “outbursts,” they understand that we are human.  Our “melt-downs” are a result of exhaustion, frustration (that they don’t understand us) and pain.  They promised me that they are “working on this.”
Salamet Kasi Da – In loving service,
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Blossom’s invocation February 14th. All over this planet :)



Blossom is asking all of us to join in a mass invocation.

See link for more details.

When : 14th of February

Where : wherever we are

Time :  use the time converter to get your time zone 🙂


Youtube link  :


Timezone Converter :


All set 🙂

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Energy Update # 2 February 4th 2014


ENERGY UPDATE # 2 February =4th 2014



Dear readers, my apologies to you, and to Susan. These are energy updates to help us all understand better the symptoms that seem to plague us once again. They vary from person to person.

On the first update, looking for an appropriate «title», I wrote Forecast.

Update is more appropriate, as energies can last a few days, or change within hours.

Until Susan’s webpage is finished I will post any update she gives to me:)


Note : today she noticed an increase in people feeling bad. Actually, so did I (including myself, feeling quite irritable:) )

This is given with Love, and shared with Love. May it help you get some relief.

Oh, and well, even if it is highly annoying, and physically affecting us, it IS good news. Things are on the move !:)

Much Love and Bubbles to all.

Gratitude Susan !




Dear Friends,


We have all been feeling strong energies for nearly a week.  I have spoken both to the LBs (Light Beings) and GFOL Sirian security teams.  They would like to remind us that they are always here even through at times, the channels are shut down for security reasons. 


You may be feeling physical symptoms:





Pressure on the top of the head


You may also be feeling emotional symptoms:


Down/depression/crying spells





You may also be having “strange” sights such as:


Seeing black or white flashes in front of your eyes

Hearing high pitched sounds or ears popping


All of this is due to a clash in energies. 

There are very high Light energies coming to Earth.  Low vibrational energies are being cleared.  This causes turbulence much like a storm. 


Please understand that when you are not feeling well, it is not about you.  It is not your baggage.  It is simply your human neurological systems being overloaded.  


It is helpful to connect to others who are going through this.  Know it is temporary and that business is absolutely being taken care of. 

If you can get homeopathic Arnica 30C or Bach Rescue Remedy, it can help with the symptoms. 


With great love and in service,






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Energy Forecast for February 1st 2014

Energy Forecast for February 1st 2014


magic space



Susan is a wonderful hands-on no-nonsense Lightworker. She channels Light Beings and crews from the GFOL. Being in the medical field, she also gives practical advice on how to cope with various discomforts created by incoming energies 🙂

I will be posting daily updates from Susan until her webpage is ready.

And reblogging afterwards:)

Enjoy, may it be of help !


With Love and Bubbles



The strong energies felt are:


Large operations deporting negative entities

DNA and upgrades to reconnect “junk” DNA and brain neurons.  This will make us healthier and live longer.  It will also help us integrate the incoming information.

Solar storms.


It is recommended to:


Drink more water.

Rest more – even in 2 or 3 hour spurts.

Get fresh air!

Wear sea bands (which can be purchased in pharmacies or travel stores) to help with the dizziness and nausea.

Homeopathic cocculus 12C (or 15 C if you can’t find it) which helps with the dizziness and nausea felt especially in the back of the head.

Homeopathic arnica 30C will help with the “shock-like” feelings.



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