Energy Forecast for February 1st 2014

Energy Forecast for February 1st 2014


magic space



Susan is a wonderful hands-on no-nonsense Lightworker. She channels Light Beings and crews from the GFOL. Being in the medical field, she also gives practical advice on how to cope with various discomforts created by incoming energies 🙂

I will be posting daily updates from Susan until her webpage is ready.

And reblogging afterwards:)

Enjoy, may it be of help !


With Love and Bubbles



The strong energies felt are:


Large operations deporting negative entities

DNA and upgrades to reconnect “junk” DNA and brain neurons.  This will make us healthier and live longer.  It will also help us integrate the incoming information.

Solar storms.


It is recommended to:


Drink more water.

Rest more – even in 2 or 3 hour spurts.

Get fresh air!

Wear sea bands (which can be purchased in pharmacies or travel stores) to help with the dizziness and nausea.

Homeopathic cocculus 12C (or 15 C if you can’t find it) which helps with the dizziness and nausea felt especially in the back of the head.

Homeopathic arnica 30C will help with the “shock-like” feelings.



By briannapurejoy

3 comments on “Energy Forecast for February 1st 2014

  1. With all due respect to Susan and others who report ‘deportation of negative entities’ – how does that work? It conjures up childish images of ships full of slimy, scaly critters being whisked off to outer space, only to land on some poor unfortunate planet to wreak havoc there. Considering that most of them appear to live within the physical shells of ordinary humans and operate through them, is this like some sort of mass exorcism, where millions of people suddenly become free of attachments, pure and perfect again? If only……

    Surely, it follows then that the extremely wealthy and powerful elite, the brutal and murderous ones, the child rapists etc will all disappear very soon? All the vicious military dictatorships will put down their weapons and embrace one another? Are people suddenly going to start being nice to one another? Will the GFOL make an announcement when it’s all over and Eden is restored, or will that be unnecessary?

    Just wondering ……

    Love to you Brianna, and thanks.

    • Just to expand on what my dearest Susan said, re: “There will not be Nirvana on Earth”….but the real question is, on Which Earth?
      You CAN experience any parallel reality version of Earth, as long as you match the frequency of that parallel reality.

      Most humans cannot grasp how our reality actually works — they find it too mind-boggling.
      You are at this very moment, shifting through BILLIONS of parallel Earth realities per SECOND — in order to experience the movement of “Time”. Straight linear time is a programmed (animation) illusion.
      Each totally complete parallel reality that you move through is slightly different from the previous one, just like animation frames on a film strip, in order to create the illusion of linear Time.

      So you are free to choose which parallel reality you wish to shift to, based on how high YOU can raise your Frequency. You are constantly and automatically shifting anyway, EVERY SINGLE SECOND. It’s so natural for you to seamlessly shift realities, that you don’t realize you are doing it.

      Susan is beginning to understand this, and from her recent update I will quote Susan:

      “When we go higher up the ladder into higher dimensions (in the near future,) they [the cities of light] will become visible. It is hoped that the majority of humans will go from the 3rd to 4th dimensions.
      Many will go up to the 5th and a few (possibly) to the 6th. So, to my delight and I must say surprise (because I was very skeptical when initially hearing about this), it is true. We are in for some delightful experiences.”

      The information has always come to me that some of us are here, to go through the process of ascending ourselves on Earth to a 5th dimensional level, possibly higher — as I’ve always felt the 6th could be my goal.

      But that most humans currently on Earth will hopefully reach 4th dimensional levels — being as they are Young Souls, and did not come here for the experience of ascension to 5D/6D levels.
      That type of ascension is for the most experienced souls, the Old Souls, to be able to accomplish…and we Old Souls are a minority on this planet.

  2. Dear Elle,

    Without going into too many security details, I can tell you that you aren’t too far off the mark. Earth was infested with many different negative entities from the Orion Constellation as well as other planets/constellations not of the Light. These entities had a negative effect on humans. Think of it as they were the puppeteers behind much of the trouble. During the past 3 years, they were rounded up, arrested and are in the last stages of being deported. Some of the ETs who were kicked out went back to their original planets. Others were taken some other safe place away from Earth. They did not live in humans. That is a myth. They were able to influence humans. Give them “ideas.” This was always counteracted by the Light. The negative-Light balance got out of hand and that is when the Divine Counsels and the GFOL had to intervene.

    Humans have some work to do before they reach an enlightened state. We will not turn into pure souls but we will be a lot nicer and more tolerant in the future as our consciousness develops. Humans are individuals and will evolve according to their own pace. However, it is hoped that with a mass wake-up call – as in the Event – it will trigger something big and effective. Not everyone on this planet will agree to live according to the New Age. The difference is that those who choose not to join humanity will most likely be neutralized. Remember – a clown cannot perform without an audience. A dictator without power behind him (both arms and followers) is impotent.

    There will not be Nirvana on Earth. It will take some time to straighten out all the mess. However, we are getting there. If you look at where we were even 50 or 60 years ago, you cannot compare. Over the past year, much behind the scenes cleaning has been going on that very few are aware of. I believe that in the near future, there will be visible evidence.

    In the meanwhile, a lot of the pain and anger we are feeling this week is due to the outgoing negative vibrations which seem to have this effect on many of us.


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