Energy Update # 2 February 4th 2014


ENERGY UPDATE # 2 February =4th 2014



Dear readers, my apologies to you, and to Susan. These are energy updates to help us all understand better the symptoms that seem to plague us once again. They vary from person to person.

On the first update, looking for an appropriate «title», I wrote Forecast.

Update is more appropriate, as energies can last a few days, or change within hours.

Until Susan’s webpage is finished I will post any update she gives to me:)


Note : today she noticed an increase in people feeling bad. Actually, so did I (including myself, feeling quite irritable:) )

This is given with Love, and shared with Love. May it help you get some relief.

Oh, and well, even if it is highly annoying, and physically affecting us, it IS good news. Things are on the move !:)

Much Love and Bubbles to all.

Gratitude Susan !




Dear Friends,


We have all been feeling strong energies for nearly a week.  I have spoken both to the LBs (Light Beings) and GFOL Sirian security teams.  They would like to remind us that they are always here even through at times, the channels are shut down for security reasons. 


You may be feeling physical symptoms:





Pressure on the top of the head


You may also be feeling emotional symptoms:


Down/depression/crying spells





You may also be having “strange” sights such as:


Seeing black or white flashes in front of your eyes

Hearing high pitched sounds or ears popping


All of this is due to a clash in energies. 

There are very high Light energies coming to Earth.  Low vibrational energies are being cleared.  This causes turbulence much like a storm. 


Please understand that when you are not feeling well, it is not about you.  It is not your baggage.  It is simply your human neurological systems being overloaded.  


It is helpful to connect to others who are going through this.  Know it is temporary and that business is absolutely being taken care of. 

If you can get homeopathic Arnica 30C or Bach Rescue Remedy, it can help with the symptoms. 


With great love and in service,






By briannapurejoy

4 comments on “Energy Update # 2 February 4th 2014

  1. thank you! it is amazing how many sources of information, love and support are now available. Everything is changing and improving. Thank you so much!

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