Update from Susan, February 20th 2014


Personal note :  I just had a “bad” night sleep, waking up many times with a headache. And feeling rather bleah.  In the past few day I also noticed an increased amount of friends (“awake” or not) complaining of either headaches, nausea etc, and mentioning “not understanding why”.

In her first update, Susan gives us a few homeopatic tips to help alleviate these symptoms. 

Too “bleah” to remember the date it was posted here 🙂  I will check and post the link in comments. 

Heads up lovely family of Light ! This is hand-on good news, aches or not 🙂



February 19th:
Good Evening Friends,
This is the second update from the Sirian Team.  As I’ve mentioned, I will put these updates on my new Internet site once it is operational.  Hopefully another week or two.  We are on the way!
I would highly recommend reading the blog/site called “Eireportal.”  It recently was changed from the name “Gaiaportal.”  I have gotten the reconfirmation that it is indeed given as a service from the Lyrans.  It is a bit technical but if you read it a few times, you will “get it.” 
This evening, the connection was a bit distant.  I tried to get some editing work done and had to give up after 20 minutes because it was too taxing on my brain.  The reason the teams were sent even further “up” in space is that there is intensive energetic work going on.  As high vibrational beings, they don’t require it.  It seems to interfere with their work and it is best for them to be “out of the way.”
Why are we feeling “weird?”  It is because our bodies are going through a massive “upgrading.”  Our so-called “junk” DNA is being reconnected and our cells are being cleaned.  So what’s new?  Those of us who aren’t what I call “connected” are starting to feel it.  They will brush it off with all kinds of explanations, but they are actually feeling something.   My husband (who has zero connection) came home with a headache and saying he feels fatigued.  The medical teams explain:
“Although you are feeling headaches and most of you feel dizzy, this is nothing to worry about!  This is a side effect of the upgrading you are receiving.  In effect, it will make your bodies stronger.  You will become less fragile and less prone to disease.  You will also live longer.  Those of you who are in your 50’s today are expected to live well over 100.   Not like today with a multitude of illnesses requiring medications.  You will live longer and healthier.  Those who are of younger generation will live even longer.  Just like any phase of growth – infants, teenagers…. Many of you will require more sleep during this period.  This is normal.  Your populations are being carefully monitored by our medical teams.”
I asked how long this current upgrade will last  – “Probably a few more days.”   Is there anything we can do about the headaches and fatigue?  “Rest more, get fresh air and it will pass.”
“The work on Earth is progressing although there is still much to be done.”
My next question was about the “cities of Light” which were mentioned today in Eireport.   The Sirian communications officer confirmed that some of what we feel is “construction work.”  Yesterday I mentioned that the Bionians were “destroying” some infrastructure and are putting in new.  These cities are being constructed and some of them already exist.  They are on a higher dimensional plane.  This means that for the majority of humans, they are still invisible.  When we go higher up the ladder into higher dimensions (in the near future,)  they will become visible.  It is hoped that the majority of humans will go from the 3rd to 4th dimensions.  Many will go up to the 5th and a few (possibly) to the 6th.  So, to my delight and I must say surprise (because I was very skeptical when initially hearing about this), it is true.  We are in for some delightful experiences. 
I asked once again about 2014 being a year of importance.  The answer came back “yes.” 
I have been asked multiple times about the Arcturians.  No, they are not Federation and not of the Light.  I hope this clears this matter up once and for all. 
Lastly – I asked about the situation with the negatives.  I have had some disagreements with the Federation on this because it has been their policy to “hide” this from the humans.   I assure them that you are “mature” enough to know the truth.  Well, there is good news.  They are “out of the way.”   They will not tell me the details – if they are finished deporting them completely or simply moved them to a very secure location until they can….. The GOOD NEWS is that they are out of our hair and should NOT be able to hack into our lines anymore.  WHEW!  We should be able to see a sharp reduction in space spam shortly.
As always, Salamat Kasi Da (Sirian for In Loving Service)
By briannapurejoy

2 comments on “Update from Susan, February 20th 2014

  1. A repost (because everyone deserves to know this 🙂

    Just to expand on what my dearest Susan said, re: “There will not be Nirvana on Earth”….but the real question is, on Which Earth?
    You CAN experience any parallel reality version of Earth, as long as you match the frequency of that parallel reality.

    Most humans cannot grasp how our reality actually works — they find it too mind-boggling.
    You are at this very moment, shifting through BILLIONS of parallel Earth realities per SECOND — in order to experience the movement of “Time”. Straight linear time is a programmed (animation) illusion.
    Each totally complete parallel reality that you move through is slightly different from the previous one, just like animation frames on a film strip, so as to create the illusion of moving forward through linear Time.

    So you are free to choose which parallel reality you wish to shift to, based on how high YOU can raise your Frequency. You are constantly and automatically shifting anyway, EVERY SINGLE SECOND. It’s so natural for you to seamlessly shift realities, that you don’t realize you are doing it.

    Susan is beginning to understand this, and from her recent update I will quote Susan:

    “When we go higher up the ladder into higher dimensions (in the near future,) they [the cities of light] will become visible. It is hoped that the majority of humans will go from the 3rd to 4th dimensions.
    Many will go up to the 5th and a few (possibly) to the 6th. So, to my delight and I must say surprise (because I was very skeptical when initially hearing about this), it is true. We are in for some delightful experiences.”

    The information has always come to me that some of us are here, to go through the process of ascending ourselves on Earth to a 5th dimensional level, possibly higher — as I’ve always felt the 6th could be my goal.

    But that most humans currently on Earth will hopefully reach 4th dimensional levels — being as they are Young Souls, and did not come here for the experience of ascension to 5D/6D levels.
    That type of ascension is for the most experienced souls, the Old Souls, to be able to accomplish…and we Old Souls are a minority on this planet.

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