Another update from our sister Susan 🙂  


Dear Friends,
Good morning to all.  We had some very needed rain last night in Israel and the air feels fresh and clean. 
The Update:
The teams are continuing with the work to “insulate” the negatives.  As I’ve mentioned before, most of them have been deported.  The remaining group is in custody but continues to “make noise.”  Their temper tantrums are not only a disturbance to our energy fields (thus the headaches, dizziness, vibrations, flu like symptoms and “down” feelings) but are a major nuisance for the security teams.  This has been interrupting the other work and causing delays.  Karen Bishop mentioned  these energies “digging in their heels ” a few weeks ago in her blog and she was right on the mark! Until a permanent solution is found, the Federation is in the midst of reinforcing the barriers so hopefully this will be behind us shortly.  Once again – I urge you to understand that the physical and emotional symptoms you are feeling have nothing to do with any internal baggage.  It is simply your neurological symptoms reacting to the “overload.” 
From the Sirian Security Team: 
“We wish you to know that we are here.  We are working as efficiently as we can to get our work done and hope that you will have relief.  We are aware that you are feeling headaches and fatigue. Today (Tuesday) is not “energetic upgrading.”  Think of it more like “construction work.”  We have large forces on this.  The pressure on top of your heads is our aircraft. The high pitched sounds you hear is also ours.   We cannot say how long the work will last but do not think it will be a “long one” (in human terms.)  We believe it will be a few more days…  You are always protected and loved.  During the work, we may ask you not to channel on and off.  This ensures that we can concentrate on doing our work.” 
From the Counsel (which I dub “Headquarters):  “We commend you for your patience.  We do hear you and say that we are working on solutions and compromises for the good of ALL.”   
Last night, the Sirian Team asked me to remind you the importance of rest during these intensive energetic days.  They recommend short periods of recharging the batteries during the day.  This can mean a “time out” or a walk outside.  Meditation does not have to be long or involved.  This is what the Team recommended:
“Select a quiet place.  Turn off all outside electronic devices that can distract you.  Breathe in deeply and slowly from the lungs and concentrate on the heart chakra.  Imagine in your mind an image of something you love.  It can be a person, a place or a scene which brings you joy. Take this thought and bring it/turn it “inward.”   Don’t “fight” it when other thoughts come back.  Gently, bring your awareness back to the thoughts or scene which brings you pleasure.  If your eyes are tired, place a cloth or damp towel over them.  This technique can also help you fall asleep at night or go back to sleep if you are awakened.”
The Andromedan medical teams recommend:  Arnica 30C – 3 globules, 3 x a day.
I am always here to answer your questions.
Salamat Kasi Da – In loving service,


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