Another Susan update.  Feels good to know NOT all “cruddy” feelings are related to personal release work, but just a ricochet of general cleanup 🙂  

Have a wonderful day !  Blessings and Bubbles !


Good Morning from sunny Israel,
First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have written to me.  I am pleased to answer your questions and to reassure you to the best of my ability.  I take all your feedback into consideration.  As I’ve said many times – this is for ALL of us.  Feel free to share this information with anyone who may need it. 
On the technical front, my wonderful web designer and I finished up all the text (it is turning into a book!)  We need to polish it up a bit, add the photos and we’re off!  Can’t wait to get this information out there in a proper format!
I would like to address two subjects today:
1.  Political Unrest:
There is still political unrest in some “hot spots” throughout the world.  The Ukraine is currently in the news but as we know, there are other pockets. 
The guides of the Galactic Federation of Light reassure us:
“Nuclear war will not be allowed. It not only has severe consequences for Earth but the waves reach beyond (to the Universe.)  It is strictly prohibited and we have taken steps to assure this.”
“Some of the internal skirmishes on Earth are a result of man’s rising consciousness.  You are no longer willing to sit back and be ruled by others.  Universal law stipulates Free Will.   We do not interfere in the internal affairs/politics of a particular country.  We do intervene and guide to prevent regional or global warfare.” 
“As awareness increases, mankind will understand that war is futile and the planet will be returned to a peaceful state.”
2.   Health:
“We understand that many of you are beginning to hear, smell and see things you previously have not.  This may be high pitched sounds (our equipment/our craft), ears popping (likewise,) or feeling pressure on the tops of your heads (same.)  This is simply our teams working.  We are here for you.  We protect you.  We are doing all our work for your benefit.  The white flashes, black or colored specks floating in the air are energies.  As you are developing, your third eye (located in the center of the forehead) is opening.  Therefore you are seeing things that were previously unknown.  This is not a cause for concern!  The opposite.  You are rapidly advancing in your abilities.  All of your senses are sharpening.”
An update from the Sirian Security Team:  
“We understand that you are not feeling well.  We would like to reassure you that the symptoms many of you are feeling are due to the work that is being done to take care of lower dimensional vibrational energies.  The heaviness – both physical and emotional are due to this.  Although it is very unpleasant, we assure you that it is not dangerous.  This is a large project.  We are responding to your pleas to finish this as soon as possible as your rising dimensions are finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate low energies.  We are here for you.”  
Salamat Kasi Da – Sirian for In Loving Service,


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