In a typical Lightworker’s manner, Susan got a channel unexpectedly (she is going away for a week).

Note : being in the medical field, the cancer related questions make a lot of sense. We all are in human form, doing whatever we do (or used to for some), so we will tend to ask about what we get confronted with most.

Personally, I cannot WAIT to be done with money once and for all. It’s silly and poisons everything.   But until it’s over and done, please do not forget to help people in need. As much as we can, let’s keep the Abundance flowing (even if a trickle at times).

Happy first day of spring, as in my country it begins officially today, March 1st 😀  

Love and Bubbles of “springly” Joy to all !



March 1, 2014
Dear Friends,
I hadn’t really “planned” a meeting with my guides before leaving on vacation but if there is one thing I have learned – “Expect the unexpected!” as they are fond of saying. 
After returning from a lovely brunch in Ashkelon yesterday afternoon, I decided to rest a bit on the sofa.  I closed my eyes and after a few minutes, received a visit from the L.B’s. 
Light Beings or Beings of Light are very high dimensional guides who work together in groups or “collectives.”  They come from various planets and mostly act as advisors to both humans and GFOL staff.  I hadn’t spoken to them in a few weeks and was quite pleased they decided to pop in for a chat.  In contrast to my other guides who are in the 7th dimension, L.B’s are so high up there, I cannot communicate without concentrating.  I need to be in a totally relaxed or meditative state.  Most of the time they contact me late at night.  Sometimes they pick a subject and occasionally I ask for advice.  Yesterday we spoke about the economy and the rising number of cancer patients.  I made “mental notes” which I then wrote down upon returning to the 3rd dimension. 
Susan:  “Why are so many Light workers struggling financially?  There are human rights workers who can barely pay their bills.  I know doctors who volunteer to help after disasters.  They dip out of their own vacation time and pay.  Social workers work long hours helping others and they get low wages.  I don’t know too many people who are truly tzadikim (righteous) who are “making it.”  “Middle class citizens are paying high taxes and believe me, we don’t know where that money is going… We are concerned about housing for our children which is becoming out of reach.  On the other hand, the rich are getting richer.  There are dictators and corrupt officials who are not just living comfortably but I would say in luxury.  What’s wrong here?”
L.B.’S: “You are correct. There is imbalance.  Lack of basic necessities for a good part of the world’s population.  Over-indulgence and waste in others.  Those of you who are Light workers do not need, want or require the same amount of material objects that some others do.  Enlightened human beings understand what they need.  They don’t have to over-purchase in order to impress.  When one earns money in a clean manner, it is fine.  When it is generated by manipulating others or by taking advantage, it is not.  The money and objects owned by criminals is not sanctioned by Universal Law.  It is illegal.  It is earned in greed.  There needs to be a balance.  This will even out in the near future.”   
Susan:  “What will be the future of our financial systems?”
L.B’s:  “The first step will be changing the world’s financial systems.  You will continue to use currency – however it will beclean.  There will be no speculative trade.  Services will be provided and fair wages will be paid.  The next step will bebalance.  There will not be a system where those who do little will make fortunes off of those who do long hours of manual labor.  The next phase will be a gradual reduction of currencies.   As man realizes that his needs can be met by technological advances (as with replication devices, free energy and advanced farming methods), greed will stop.  There will be no need for competition or over-consumption.  In galactic societies, money is not used.  One works out of pleasure and to give service.”
Susan: “What about the rumors of “prosperity funds,” gold or precious metal backed currency….”
L.B’s:  “No….  We choose not to go into the details but what we can say is that your financial systems will be clean and based on true values.”
Susan:  “Cancer is the #1 killer in Israel today – even passing heart disease.   What advances will be made?”
L.B’s:  “Cancer has many causes.  Much of the cancer is a symptom of modern lifestyle – stress, chemicals, additives, pollution, plastics and especially radiation.  We are working to strengthen your fragile human bodies.  We will be happy to teach you alternatives for the toxins you are now using on a daily basis.  You will need to take steps to improve your nutrition.”
Susan: ” What do you think of the “war on cancer?”
L.B’s:  “This is exactly the point.  You can’t wage a war on cancer.  You will lose.  You must prevent it and if it already exists, heal it.   We have small (non radioactive) scanners which can detect cancer cells before your doctors can.  These cells can be dissolved or “cut off” of their food supply.  Some tumors can be shrunk.  Chemotherapy will cease.  Radioactive treatments will cease.  Radioactive screening tests will cease.  Surgeries will be phased out and treatments will be less invasive and bloodless.”
Update:  The reason many of you feel that “rush” in the air is because it is true.  The projects are full speed ahead!  The operation to (finally) get the negative entities out of our hair continues….
The teams say they will finish this “soon” (famous last words.)   There is much construction and preparation going on behind the scenes.  Some light workers are being upgraded and downloaded (with information) in preparation for our roles.  Others will follow in time…  Headquarters is responding to our lack of patience and is trying to get a move on!  I have been given the green light to say that there will be real advances in 2014.
I am off to soak in the thermal springs!  I will be back next weekend to bring more updates.  Hopefully when I return, they will be in a the more organized format of- the blog/site.
Until then, Shabbat Shalom and have a great weekend!
Salamat Kasi Da – In Loving Service,
By briannapurejoy

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