Sirian Team March 11

Via Susan, 

Definitely a time to rest, connect (nature as much as possible) and detach from all the “fear porn” that is being blasted around. 

Spring is coming, along with a beautiful Equinox. Rest, rest and rest 🙂  Keep the connection with whomever you feel more comfortable, your guides, Angels, Archangels, teams.  They are ALWAYS close by to answer calls, they will ALWAYS support us in moments of “too much density”.

Be gentle with yourself. Our bodies are upgrading, aching at times, or plain feeling funny and weird.  Give your bodies a break, and just Be Flow. 

Lots of Love and Bubbles !



March 11, 2914 Update from the Sirian and Reblemacal Teams:
Dear Friends,
Salamat Balik!
Last night was something out of Star Trek!  Around 10 p.m., I felt a large medical craft above me.  It is always exciting when I know my planet mates are around!  After settling in, I could hear the minutes of a medical meeting.  I am now allowed to stay conscious to attend meetings * whereas before they would knock me out before getting to the good stuff!   When different planet members are involved, English is spoken (telepathically.)  I was a bit surprised to hear the same medical terms we use on Earth.  The topic of the meeting was the stress these energetic/cleaning operations are having on our bodies.  You can be assured that they got our message loud and clear!
When I looked at the clock, I thought the meeting was about 15 minutes and it was actually 90!  This is what I was referring to in my last update.  Time becomes warped.
This morning, I called the Sirian Team and asked them for permission to post an update.  The R-Team was also around and joined in:
Sirians:   “We are making very good and advanced progress.  You are feeling the work being done on an accelerated level.  This is important because we need to raise the consciousness (of the mass population) in order (for them) to accept our presence.  We believe there will be the beginnings of some open evidence shortly.”
Susan:  “You understand what the word shortly means in human terms?  That means weeks, months or at the latest sometime within our linear year.  Not shortly in galactic terms which can mean any time!
Sirians:  “Yes.  We are talking in your human terms.  We are seeing advances and less resistance when we do our tests.  Therefore we are planning tangible news as soon as we can or as you say humanly possible. Click Me!   There is still some work to be done.”
Susan:  “Please confirm this message.”
Sirians: “Affirmative.”
Susan:  “I understand that the results of the last energetic upgrade last week were very good.”
Sirians:  “Oh yes.  Better than we expected.”
Susan:  “What is going on with the Ascension Project/Event?”
Sirians:  “What has been going on, is happening now and will continue …is all part of this.  The plans are sometimes modified for your safety and according to an acceptable pace.   We know you want to see things…. As Susan says tangible.  This is coming.”
Susan:  “What can I say to the humans down here who are really exhausted and suffering from pain/headaches due to the negative clearing operations?”
Reblemecals:  “These are low dimensional entities who have very unpleasant vibrations. They have been on Earth for a long time and it is time they leave your presence and stop making trouble – both for you and us. They cause headaches and a feeling of heaviness.  They are fully in custody.  We are in the last stages of “ridding them from you.”
Sirians:  We can’t stress the importance of taking rest breaks during this period!  We would like to be “strict” with you about thisClick Me! #  We can assure you that this will come to an end.  You will be able to live without the fatigue and headaches.  We promise you this.
Susan:   “So when do you think this negatives operation is going to finish.”
Reblemcals:  “We can’t give you a date but we are towards the end.  Around 90%.”
Susan:  “Please confirm this.”
Reblemecals:  “Affirmative.”
Susan:  “There have been some readers who are concerned they can’t get through these days when they channel.”
Reblemecals: ” We are always here!  Sometimes we have to go on low communication mode or totally no communication mode.  We don’t want hacking into the lines.  It also interferes with our work.  This is temporary.”
Susan:  “Another question from readers concerns the different feel of messages – even if they are coming from the Federation.”
Reblemecals:  “This is an excellent question.  First of all, it is indeed important to make sure that the channel is indeed sanctioned by us.  Not all those on your Internet are.
The Galactic Federation of Light is a large organization which has many planet members.  There is spiritual leadership which is working side by side as well.  Each planet has their own language, customs and vibration.  Major decisions are made in the various counsels which Susan likes to call “Head quarters.”  The various branches, divisions and individual teams are able to have some autonomy.  Therefore, the styles of the channel will slightly differ.  It is not an accident that GFOL channels are teamed up with members who will have a “fit” most suited to their outlook.  In most cases, humans work with guides from their home soul planet.  Sometimes, channels work with energetic beings or ascended masters.  What is important to remember is that the reader should feel comfortable with that reading.  We call it resonate.
Susan:  “Anything else you’d wish to say today?”
Sirians:  “Just that we love you all very much and ask you not to worry so much!”
*Explanation:  I attend meetings and channel from my home.  It would be like a conference call.  I can feel and hear everything.  Sometimes they allow me to see as well….
 # I was actually given an order yesterday afternoon to go lay down!
Oops!  Think the link I sent yesterday was not operational.  Let’s try again.
Have a Click Me! day from Tel Aviv.
Salamat Kasi Da!   (In loving service)
Susan and Siriat Parata (the Sirian Team)
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