Clearings not ours !

Personal note from Brianna :
A lot of us have been feeling yucky, and sometimes we feel pushed into a guilty feeling about not being able to “do correct clearing”.  Know that these feelings of anger, anxiety or sadness are mostly caused by the incidents you will read in the below update.
I feel compelled to add this, because some of us were getting very confused, feeling that their inner job is pretty well done, and that this is “a setback”.
It is not. I hope this makes you feel a bit better.  Inner work is important, but not every bad feeling comes from “unresolved issues”. 
Take a good breath, try to go with the flow, and more than anything do what makes you most comfy.  Take note that irritability is in the air, because everybody is feeling this, Lightperson or not. Hence a lot of conflicts at many levels.  
Lots of Love, hang on thight 🙂 
From Susan : 
Dear Friends,
Good morning.  Finally some much needed rain in Israel!  After such a dry winter, it is certainly a relief.  It was also a great relief to have the L.B’s guide me to I may better serve you!
I have gotten quite a few e-mails from you last night and this morning.  It is clear that many of you are quite upset and worried about the intensity of the energies which started yesterday.  I am sitting with the L.B.s presently (very high dimensional guides from the Galactic Federation of Light.)  It is their job to offer us guidance and advice.  This is what they say:
“The Earth is considered a very beautiful and attractive planet in the galaxy.  The visitors from the Galactic Federation of Light are peaceful, loving and enlightened beings who are dedicated to your safety and welfare.  The 54 planet members and especially the 16 who are on and around Earth currently, are working to uplift and return the planet into a state of peace and consciousness.
In the universe, there are also some beings who are not of the Light.  You could compare them to your juvenile delinquents.  These entities like to make trouble such as hacking into channel lines and spreading false information.  They also have low dimensional vibrations which feel quite uncomfortable to enlightened humans.  Almost all of these unwelcome visitors from various planets were evicted.  The remaining group is around 90% finished so they will not be able to trouble humans anymore.  Sometimes, despite your planet (being compared to your “gated communities,”) have clear “no trespassing notices” posted,  trouble makers want to come in.  They don’t understand that the party is over.  They make attempts.  Because Earth is so precious to us, we have massive security teams who are on guard to protect you.  When there is an incident like yesterday, we act according to Universal Law.  This means, we are not able to do them bodily harm like your army or police forces but we have other methods which let them know that we mean business.
What some of you were feeling yesterday was our security teams on the job.  They are protecting you and will not allow any harm.  Think of it as having a 24 hour security forces surround your beautiful homes.  If there is a skirmish outside, you may feel it… It may cause you to be nervous but you are in no danger whatsoever. 
We understand that it is difficult to sleep through all the noise/vibrations and we also understand that after many long months, you have become tired of this.  What we can say is that we are doing our best to assist this chapter in coming to a close.  We cannot say that there will never be isolated security incidents ever again but we can tell you that we are on the job.  You will be able to live peacefully in the near future.  You will be able to live on your beautiful Earth without pain or worry.
Currently, the incident (and we do refer it as such as not to blow it out of proportion) is under control.  The “peak” has passed but it will still take a little while to completely calm down.
We, your guides, want you to know that we are here to help you through this.  All you have to do is send a telepathic “assistance SMS” and we will come.  We can offer you guidance, healing and a feeling of serenity.  You are never alone.  We are always here for you.  The strong energies that have been wearing you down will calm down.  This year will still have some ups and downs but you will start to see some long awaited good news and some visible evidence.
We love you,
The L.B.s

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