Update March 18th

    Adding my grain of … salt 🙂  By the way, Himalayan Salt is great too. I always have a chunk handy. Helps clear negative energies, and works wonders when wet on “itchy” spots (rashes, blemishes).
Holiday times are always a perfect moment to raise energies, so yeee, Equinox coming in 2 days.  Imagine all the people involved in feeling Love at the same time, add some Light and Galactic help to the mix, and you have a vibrational increase of much beauty 🙂 
Simple as that ! 
Have a beautiful Blessed and Love filled day ! 
Bubbles of Joy !
Now, here is Susan’s update :
Update from the Galactic Federation of Light
Dear Friends, 
Spring is here – at least in this part of the world.  Although I personally love cold temperatures and winter, most people feel a sense of relief and renewal when March approaches.  It is a time to walk outside, get some fresh air after the rains and be in awe of the beautiful wild flowers at the height of bloom.   As I removed a few ticks from Jesse after a long hike, it reminded me that spring does have some side effects as well.  Does sneezing from the pollen or removing ticks from our pets stop us from getting out?  No.  Those of us who live in Israel know that cleaning house is “like shoveling shit against the tide” as my mother says.  You dust and then more comes in.  But just like our tick remedies are now more efficient and double glazed windows help insulate the dirt, the annoyances we are experiencing in “The Ascension Project” are actually – and maybe even as a surprise to you – are getting better.   When we’ve had a hard week with intense energies, we are quick to assume that we have aren’t getting anywhere or worse – that we have gone backwards.  This is definitely not true.  Should we “quit” because of the balagan (mess) when we are almost there?  No.
As I’ve mentioned before, Earth is in the process of great change.  Why is it taking so long?  It is similar to what happened when the new airport was built near Tel Aviv.  It was supposed to have been completed in the year 2000.  There were some unexpected delays and the plans had to be modified to ensure passenger safety.  The citizens were mighty impatient.  Did the airport open?  Yes and it constantly receives excellent international reviews for comfort. 
In this unbelievably large and complex project of returning the planet to its healthy and peaceful state, there have been bumps in the road.  The major ones have been a stubborn resistance by some of the population to accept change and frequent interruptions by both negative humans and their negative entity backers.  The Federation has to stop, take care of an incident and proceed.  The good news is that both of these groups are rapidly running out of steam.  Think about the days of terrorism in the early 2000’s.  Are there still problems with stragglers here and there?  Yes, but it is nothing like it was.  The funding, backing and “fuel” for the negatives is running out.  They know that.  They sometimes try in their desperation to hang on but it isn’t succeeding and will not derail the peace process. 
The L.B.’S – our beloved guides of the Light are with us.  These guides are exceptionally kind, patient, healing and are especially good at understanding human psychology.  When our other guides are “up” or attending to other tasks, the L.B’s step in: 
This is what they have to say:
“The very good news is that there is a definite positive shift in human consciousness.  Things areprogressing.  It is true that some good energies will enter Earth during the spring equinox (the end of this week.)  We would like to reassure you that the unpleasant energies many of you feel is the residue from last week’s incident.  This negative energy is not dangerous to you.  We understand that you still feel unease.  You will not have to live with these physical and emotional symptoms forever.  No.
This is temporary.  You will be able to live in peace.  Our security teams are working to rid the earth of these energies and you will feel relief in the near future. 
We would also like to say that there will be some solid evidence and surprisingly good news shortly regarding dimensions.  Stay tuned. 
The spring festivals of Purim, color festival in India, Mardis Gras, St. Patrick’s Day and so on are wonderful opportunities to lift the vibrational/energetic level of Earth and they do help! 
You are protected and loved – always.” 
Some suggestions for the next few days:
Homeopathic mancinella 30C.  This is the best remedy for coping with unpleasant energies.  It is not a common remedy and can be bought at Bar-Ilan Pharmacy in Raanana (Israel,)  Those of you who are abroad can always order it through Helios or ABC Homeopathy. 
If not, Bach Rescue on the chakras is helpful.  Baths in sea salt or Dead Sea salt is helpful.  Drink a lot of water and rest. 
Salamat Kasi Da,
In Loving Service,
By briannapurejoy

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