Spring Fairy coming :)

  Great news from Susan.  Yesterday I, as well as many friends, felt nagging headaches and other various aches.  This is all clearing, and it starts today. 
Dear Friends,
I am often asked how and from where  I get my information.  About 90% is channeled directly from my guides from the Galactic Federation of Light.  The other 10% are subliminal messages or “thoughts” which I receive from “somewhere up there.”  This happens mostly when I get an idea “all of the sudden” or if I can’t decide what subject to address for an update.
Early this morning, an image popped into my mind of a fairy.  Because I am very grounded and information based, I wondered why.  I then received the answer that there are many levels of consciousness currently on planet Earth.  When we were children, we delighted in believing that the coins placed under our pillows in return for our baby teeth were presents from the tooth fairy.  As we matured into later childhood, we slowly realized who those “night time fairies” were but enjoyed playing along anyway.  Sooner or later, we confronted mom and dad and we were weaned off the game.
When humans awaken, some are in the early childhood stage.  They aren’t ready to believe that anything exists outside of their safe area.  Others are more mature and curious.  They dip their toes in the water and ask questions.  Who are our neighbors?  Why are they helping us?  What is happening around the planet?   Many have reached the “teenaged” stage – ready to show some independence and even some rebellion.  A select few have graduated into adulthood.
Last week, when working on my Internet site, the LB’s asked me to provide the message to “go easy.”   Too much information, too quickly for those who are sleepy can cause overload.  Some will need to hang onto their “tooth fairies” a little longer.  In our soul contracts, each Light worker agrees to “terms.”  Some don’t want to know much and others want to know everything.  There is no right and no wrong.  It is important that readers find the messages that resonate with them.  Always trust your gut and your heart.
Today is the first official day of spring for the northern hemisphere.  The word often used is equinox.   According to the Byonians (6th dimensionals who are responsible for our safety and security):
“There will be large amounts of Light energy coming into Earth.  If you feel slightly high or “drunk,” it is not your imagination.  This is simply another shift into higher consciousness and another “notch on the ladder” to ascension (Light awareness.)   The negative entities who were responsible for last week’s “incident” were given eviction orders to leave Earth air space.  This is good news. All is well.  You should feel a shift and gradual lessening of the unpleasant symptoms, especially headaches.”
Always know that we are never alone.  We are loved more than can ever be imagined.  Rest, enjoy some fresh air and please send gratitude to our GFOL teams who have been working day and night to ensure peace on our lovely blue planet.
Salamat Kasi Da – In Loving Service,
By briannapurejoy

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