Joy ! Things are clearing up :)

I love the paragraph about our pets.  Yes mine (a cat tribe) have been affected too. And I gladly report that today they are very playful and loving.  The air itself is lighter, tangibly 🙂  I feel giddy 😀

A good thing would me (just my 2 cents here) not to be attached to HOW we feel these days. Yes, things can still can be on the roller-coaster side of life, so let’s positively ENJOY the moments of giddiness and such.  

A big batch of Bubbles of Joy to everyone ! With Love




Good Morning Friends and Shabbat Shalom from Israel,
This photo is from the team – well at least Jesse’s team.  (He’s the little blond one right in the middle.)  One of the perks of being “connected,” is the ability to understand animals.  I can’t actually channel them like I do my Federation friends but I can clearly understand their thoughts.  You will be able to read more about this in my upcoming site in the sections about “The Advantages of Being a Galactic-Human” and “Communication with Animals” by my friend and fellow Light Worker, Tamir.  Thanks, by the way Tamir for sending this photo!  Our animal companions feel the energies just like we do.  When there is a calmness in the air, they are their usual selves.  When they sense tension, they react likewise and may be whiny or clingy.  They often patrol at night, not seemingly able to settle in.  All of this is normal.  Listen to what they have to say.  Much of the time, they want us to lighten up.  If I could sum up Jesse’s philosophy in life, it would be:  “Drop everything and go to the park to have fun!”
Another reason for selecting this picture today is a reminder about connecting with others.  Human beings were not meant to be alone.  We are social and need to be in the physical company of others.  It is true that we are spiritual beings in human bodies.  We require down time during the day and while we are sleeping at night when we are in a state of peace and quiet.   This does not mean that we need to cut ourselves off and meditate all day.  Our guides wish to remind us:
“Balance is the key.  We know you are working very hard.  We love you and appreciate your efforts.  Because many of you are so tired, we would like to ask you to take breaks throughout the day.  Reset, rest, go outdoors, have something to eat or drink. Be with your loved ones!  Devote some time to your interests.”
I asked the Sirians about how so many of us are finding each other lately:
“The Universe is wise.  You are meeting and will meet those of a similar energetic level or vibration.  You will reconnect with friends from the past.  Many are still unaware of this but it is a universal rule:  Like Attracts Like.  We are very happy to learn that some of you are starting to work in teams.  It may surprise you that we also work together as well as individually.  Sometimes our teams have 3 members and other times, we work in larger groups.  We rotate our sleeping so some of us can rest while others are on duty.  We work with fellow Sirians and those of other planets depending on the project.  As Earth becomes rehabilitated, humans will work together – sometimes with our assistance and sometimes not.  You will learn how to put your differences aside and work for the good of all.”
Last night, the Sirians asked me to keep our meeting short as there is much going on and there is still static on the lines.  They asked me to relay this message:
“We understand that many of you are tired and are not feeling well.  The most common symptoms are dizziness, ear discomfort and fatigue.  Last week there were frequent ups and downs in the energy.  One minute you may have felt great and the next as if you hardly had any strength to complete daily tasks.  This is due to your bodies, especially your neurological systems responding to very intensive work going on and around planet Earth.  The negative energies are in the process of being cleared.  It is not over yet but we are making progress and much has already been accomplished.   While we are doing the work, we ask you to focus on the amazing things which await you and many of them will be tangible.  Just like you, we are happily anticipating the day when these lingering energies will dissipate (and they will!)   You will benefit from a large jump in technology.  There will be wonderful surprises when you learn what is in store.  We always remind you that you are protected, cared for and loved.  We expect you will start to feel better shortly.”
Thanks to those who write me!  I love comments and feedback.  Although there are a few things to finish up on the site, you can get in and take a preview at:  Sandusan.Com
Until next time,
Salamat Kasi Da – In Loving Service,
By briannapurejoy

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