Honoring the Teams

     Dear friends,  I just had news from Susan, and one of her guides (Sirian) just passed away from wounds taken during a bad battle with reptilians (the battle was a month ago).

Her name was Med.  

I know this may sound strange, or even shocking to many. But a lot of the teams are composed of “flesh and blood” Sirians, Plaeiadians, Lyrans … The Light Beings have their tasks, the teams too. They are medical, or logistics, just like we are on Earth. And they can be wounded, and they too can pass away. The road to freedom and Light can be hard on them, just as it is hard on us. 

As you might have read, they have been very busy cleaning up and deporting the reptilians from our planet. And they will not go away without fighting. For us it means bouts of feeling “down”, or even body aches (headaches, irritations), for the teams it means real physical fight. 

What I am asking here is to please remember to send Love and Gratitude to all the teams doing the job up there !  In your quiet moments, or meditations, or prayers, please send them your Love.  

We are all One, we are all on the final stretch to freedom from the “dark”. Things are moving so much faster now. We are going to be more and more busy, as we enter new stages of development.  And we do know that we are never alone. We are Loved, Cared for and always Protected by the Creator, but also in a very physical way by the teams.

Let us honor them today, let us honor Med. Let us not forget that they too suffer with us, and for us. 

With Loving Gratitude,


By briannapurejoy

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