The Volcanoes are Awakening

Hello Loved ones πŸ™‚
This morning I felt an urge to read this post again.
So, on the last day of January 2014, I had my a-ha moment with Volcanoes. Inner and outer. Now I realize how many “volcanoes” are erupting all over the planet !
Ukraine turned very volcanic soon after I wrote this. Then more social unrest in many places. The Bundy ranch issue, and them resisting. Gaza, once again, but this time a real eye opener for many, and stirring waves of pro-Peace reactions globally !
You see, I live right next door to Ukraine, in Romania. So it really feels very close. And to top it all, I was in Israel when this war started.
All these events are deeply connected. They are awakening calls for many. As some plunge straight into the pure drama, others choose to react, see, understand, and DO something. It’s triggering the biggest wave of Pro-Peace activism I have seen in ages πŸ™‚
The the Ferguson issue. National protests. It’s an on-going domino effect here. Inner volcanoes have indeed awakened ! And are spreading wisdom like brushfire !
Iceland has given the world an example of quiet total revolution a few years back. No one paid real attention, yet they simply “got out of the system” πŸ™‚ Google it, mainstream is very hush hush πŸ˜‰
Now, it just might attract some attention by releasing a powerful volcanic eruption !
To follow πŸ™‚

Lighthouse of Love and Joy


Our biggest topic seems to be related to The Event, or at least to some tangible form of event that would prove to all of us, and beyond doubt, that what we are feeling and doing, is right. That Spirituality, as we have come closer and closer to Truth, is validated by an event of sorts. For all to see.

I do not doubt that an Event will happen, that one day -hopefully in the near future- we will feel and SEE something magnificent and lifechanging. That will trigger million of awakenings on this beautiful blue dot, Terra.

Β What came to me on this freezing cold morning is something else. It is a profund dot-connecting realization that what we all call The Event has actually started unfolding.

That a lot of the expectations we have about what will happen on that day, and moreover from that day onward…

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