Chocolate Salad


Chocolate Salad

This is for all of us, out there, wherever we (you) are 🙂

Now, why now, why this ? Because I see and feel a mounting tension, irritability and, oh yes, downright anger around.

Since last night especially (last night in Europe, that would be morning to noon in the US).

Energies are roller-coasting too, which doesn’t help in a larger «worldly» sense. One moment elated, the next irritated. Oh boy ! Cosmic washing machine going full speed. You know how some rotate once left,woosh, then right woosh. That’s how I feel. High up there good, then woosh, angry at everything 😀 .

Have a chocolate salad ! Indulge in something that makes YOU feel very good. Take it one moment at a time. Which is simply another way of saying Be in the Now 😉

To make it top of the crop, we have another major manipulating fear porn going on. The kind that triggers people’s root chakra, base survival fear instinct. WAR. Again.

This time it’s about Ukraine.

Since this fall’s middle east and Iran attempts petered out (remember how everybody was screaming war and strikes), now «they» are going for a primal fear, that has been embedded in many of us since the end of WWII.

Naming pulling out the Big Russian Bear out of the fear box. For those of us who grew up in the 70’s, we can remember the huge nuclear wipe-out fear going on. It was all black and white. Democracy vs tyranny. Litterature, movies, and end of world scenarii everywhere ! Mad Max.

The finger is on the trigger thingie.

But the world has changed tremendously since then. No more only black and white. The East has changed. The West has changed. Europe is struggling with an increasing control freaked EU. And money which is a major pain in the rear, and empoverished most since it came into use (the Euro).

So, my goal here is not to make a long geo-political rant (well, the activist in me speaks out, for sure), but to point out one obvious thing : do not buy into fear and anger. This whole thing is designed and tailored to do just that !

Try and remember just how many times people have screamed world war III is starting ?

Oh, about once a year since 2001. And quite often even before.

Keep focused on your lives, keep focused on growing awareness in YOUR community. Awareness and alternative ways (off the grid, organic food growing, community gardens, trade without use of money).

And, have a chocolate salad of sorts 🙂 Keep the fear porn OUT of your lives, and keep your focus on Change, You know the drill … BE the Change .. !

Much Love with Bubbles of Chocolate Joy !



The Healing Power of the Human Heart – Tom Kenyon

Tom’s work has been my “accelerator” from november 2012 to february 2013.

Using his sound meditations while meditating. Sometimes letting one piece run in a loop while taking an afternoon nap.

Funny, when I began listening, I loved the sounds, but could not really “buy into” the whole Hathors shazam. Albeit some superb sinchronycities. Like a new kitty (cat person here 🙂 ), black with a white spot on her chest. I just had given her a name.

Hathor  😀

Yet, I dismissed this, liking Tom’s words, but having a big “uh-uh” regarding their origin. You must also consider this happened in the height of the 12.21.2012 “craze”.  When some places were assuring us of warp speed Ascent on that very day. (smile) So amidst this frenetic “Ascension Fever”, his was a voice of reason and logic (to me). No long speeches about “must do’s”. Just some facts, and some tools. When I got a mail that he was to  be in Istambul on april 13th, I leaped !

Reasonable distance (1 hour’s flight from me).

Could not make it. A bit too much budget involved 😉   Maybe (if they’re still on) to Vienna or Munich.

This fall in Ochra Island. Whew yes. But that is not longer a trip, it’s an expedition 😀

Anyhow, getting too personal here 🙂   My point was sharing this piece (recorded during this Istambul session).

For those who are not familiar with Tom Kenyon’s work, take a look 😉

For me it came like a gift. For days I’ve been saying everywhere I could  “go within !” …The answers are within !”…

Even this noon, over the phone with a friend, the “go within” was a key note in the conversation 🙂

And then I read the mail from Tom Kenyon 😀

So, enjoy. Dive in.

And “go within” ! 🙂

With much Love, and many Bubbles of solid Joy !


via The Healing Power of the Human Heart – Tom Kenyon.