Chocolate Salad


Chocolate Salad

This is for all of us, out there, wherever we (you) are 🙂

Now, why now, why this ? Because I see and feel a mounting tension, irritability and, oh yes, downright anger around.

Since last night especially (last night in Europe, that would be morning to noon in the US).

Energies are roller-coasting too, which doesn’t help in a larger «worldly» sense. One moment elated, the next irritated. Oh boy ! Cosmic washing machine going full speed. You know how some rotate once left,woosh, then right woosh. That’s how I feel. High up there good, then woosh, angry at everything 😀 .

Have a chocolate salad ! Indulge in something that makes YOU feel very good. Take it one moment at a time. Which is simply another way of saying Be in the Now 😉

To make it top of the crop, we have another major manipulating fear porn going on. The kind that triggers people’s root chakra, base survival fear instinct. WAR. Again.

This time it’s about Ukraine.

Since this fall’s middle east and Iran attempts petered out (remember how everybody was screaming war and strikes), now «they» are going for a primal fear, that has been embedded in many of us since the end of WWII.

Naming pulling out the Big Russian Bear out of the fear box. For those of us who grew up in the 70’s, we can remember the huge nuclear wipe-out fear going on. It was all black and white. Democracy vs tyranny. Litterature, movies, and end of world scenarii everywhere ! Mad Max.

The finger is on the trigger thingie.

But the world has changed tremendously since then. No more only black and white. The East has changed. The West has changed. Europe is struggling with an increasing control freaked EU. And money which is a major pain in the rear, and empoverished most since it came into use (the Euro).

So, my goal here is not to make a long geo-political rant (well, the activist in me speaks out, for sure), but to point out one obvious thing : do not buy into fear and anger. This whole thing is designed and tailored to do just that !

Try and remember just how many times people have screamed world war III is starting ?

Oh, about once a year since 2001. And quite often even before.

Keep focused on your lives, keep focused on growing awareness in YOUR community. Awareness and alternative ways (off the grid, organic food growing, community gardens, trade without use of money).

And, have a chocolate salad of sorts 🙂 Keep the fear porn OUT of your lives, and keep your focus on Change, You know the drill … BE the Change .. !

Much Love with Bubbles of Chocolate Joy !



The Volcanoes are Awakening


Our biggest topic seems to be related to The Event, or at least to some tangible form of event that would prove to all of us, and beyond doubt, that what we are feeling and doing, is right. That Spirituality, as we have come closer and closer to Truth, is validated by an event of sorts. For all to see.

I do not doubt that an Event will happen, that one day -hopefully in the near future- we will feel and SEE something magnificent and lifechanging. That will trigger million of awakenings on this beautiful blue dot, Terra.

 What came to me on this freezing cold morning is something else. It is a profund dot-connecting realization that what we all call The Event has actually started unfolding.

That a lot of the expectations we have about what will happen on that day, and moreover from that day onward, are materializing already ! But, oh boy, we are so busy expecting that we forget to see the series of small events and inner feelings that are right here, right NOW. Daily.

Yes we get frustrated, because we wish to see a global change asap, I know I sure do ! We want things changed on a macro level.

So much do we expect, that all the micro level (by the way, less and less micro these days) changes can go almost unnoticed. And when we hit what we call a moment of «nothingness» or feeling disconnected, we go into all times frustrations. Forgetting that our human vessel has to cope and align, thus sometimes just rest from all of it. A lot of channelings do speak about these disconnection feelings as being something prior to a big leap in our consciousness. And I agree, personally I’ve gone thru a fair amount of these. Hate it when they happen, love it when it comes flooding back. And yes, it always does and always will come back. Better than that, someday it just will never leave again.

So, why Volcanoes ? Well, in the end of 2010, I had a sudden phrase go in my awareness, and it went like this: « and the Volcanoes will Awaken». «You will gather with some spiritual friends, and light purification and Light fires !»

Baffled me then:)

Of course I started daydreaming about real volcanoes coming to life at once. And a few friends and I going up the mountains to build a big beautiful sacred fire.

After which said daydream, I did ask but HOW will I know when is the right time ? And straight back came «you will know».

Ok, that was all, and I’ve lived with this, somewhere in the back of my mind since:) Raising the occasional eyebrow upon hearing of eruptions here and there. But, no. Everytime came a quiet but firm «not it !».

Until this morning. It began with a mail from a formidable Lightworker in Israel, sharing a video, and asking how I felt about it. The video was about Ison being a spaceship, and mind you, not the first time I heard this. I also had been following Ison, and even wrote a piece about it in november:) But this time, dots seemed to connect at light speed, and a crystal clear message came into my awareness, along with an intense feeling. A huge energy feeling from my solar plexus up. Again, absolutely intense.

And right away it was like this : «The Event, as you understand it, is already unfolding and the volcanoes have awakened !»

Next thing I knew, I was almost trepidating with the also intense feeling of sharing this with everyone I know (and is already on the path). So, 2 hours of phone talks later, I still feel the same, and before I knew what I was doing, I found myself compelled to type. This.

The Event already unfolding : yes, there will be a «special day», with something beautiful, and all the trimmings.

Yet, for some, most of what is to happen on that day is already happenning. They are feeling in bliss, detached from the world, and utterly serene. Their life is starting to unfold with grace, nonewithstanding present circumstances. They are already in their event time, just ahead of the rest of the planet:)

And oh so many more are anywhere in-between. Sometimes maybe a bit stalled just because they cannot fully acknowledge it’s happening. It’s so easy to expect ! Thus loosing a bit of insight about what is really NOW:)

The hard part for most of us is to remember and live the fact that we are not our circumstances ! So, beloved, do take your Divine Self by the hand, say hello, I want you to walk in me at all times, my Light is who and what I am. I Am not my circumstances, nor am I my attachments. I AM a pillar and a conduit of Divine Light, and I want it to flow thru me and back out to the world at all times. So be it !

We are the volcanoes !

We are the awakening volcanoes, spewing out more and more Light.

For some it’s a trickle of lava, for others it’s already the whole kaboom, with fireworks:)

So, free your inner volcano ! Let it burst forth with might. Now I know why it was about volcanoes all along:) Because they are about force, about power. Altering everything in their vicinity ! No wonder humankind has been fascinated by them for eons:)

Liberate your inner awakening volcano, and become that power. Roar if you wish:) A big liberating roar, from deep inside. And then let the nurturing Light filled lava flow freely.

We are the Awakening Volcanoes, we have awakened, and we can live our personal Event right NOW. It’s our Divine Right of free-willed beings. Claim it !

The rest of Terra is following rapidly. All the social unrests globally (most of which, unlike Ukraine, are not covered by mainstream media) are about awakenings. About people now challenging the powers in place. Whether it’s about politics of about envarionmental issues, people are rising in massive ways. Little awakening volcanoes everywhere. Yes, still spewing rather erratically, but nonetheless they will never go back to the way they had lived so far, be sure of this.

All sorts of lights in the skies too. Daily. Actually, there is an overflow of happenings. Various disclosures also, all over the world. Snowden was a first shock, and an on-going one, but much more is now available.

Everything mentioned in Event channelings is happening already. We are in it ! The rest will be the proverbial icing. The cake is already out of the oven, so grab it:)

And spread the word. Share the cake, it’s humanity’s B-day here. And we can all share it, one slice at a time.

Claim your inner volcano, live it, and gather with fellow volcanoes:) everywhere now you see Lightworkers calling out for getting together. Virtually and physically. The number of group meditations is growing exponentially.

We are co-creating the Event, until the final icing comes along.

We are the Awakening Volcanoes, lighting up the whole planet.

With lots of Love and many Bubbles of Joy to you, from my inner volcano !


You may happily share this, just please mention the source.

Picture source : National Geografic, Sulfur combusts on contact with air to create stunning blue lava-like rivers of light in the Kawah Ijen crater on the island of Java. (Photo published on January 30th 2014)